Thursday, July 31, 2014

Everything is possible in a dream

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Worn - 

*Not available until August 1st!*
Dress: -Nomi-Modern Princess sundress
Includes Meshy dress in several sizes, alpha layer, and color change HUD.
HUD includes 4 skirt (Red/green/blue/black) color,s and 2 top (Black/White) colors.
 Shoes: lassitude & ennui Brocade slippers for Slink feet - red
Available in 6 colors.
Includes rigged meshy shoes for Slink FLAT feet only.
280$L per color, 840 for the Fat-Pack.
Demo Available.
Jewelry: Cae :: Isabelle :: set
Necklace - Includes 10 gem and 2 metal color options, as well as re-size option via HUD.
Earring - Includes 10 gem and 2 metal color options, as well as re-size option via HUD.
Tiara -  Includes 10 gem and 2 metal color options, as well as re-size option via HUD.
Set for - 595$L.
Skin: Lumae ~ Eliana : 3 - Latte / RARE {Mid Cleavage}
Greek Isle Gacha event exclusives.
Available in 2 tones, Latte and truffle in 2 separate machines.
Available in 6 common makeup styles, and 1 rare bare style.
100$L per gacha play.
Wand: {N}Nerdology Druid Wand - Water
Totally Top shelf event item.
Available in 5 colors.
Includes typing AO and built in sparkle effects.
50$L per color.
*Not available until August 11th!*
Nail Applier: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD -Tropical Winds
Aloha fair exclusive.
Includes both toes and fingernail appliers.
80$L ( 20% Off during event )
Hair: eXxEsS : TETA Black (Not Free)
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Dark Skies - Deep Blue (Free, group gift, fee to join)
Furniture/props -

Zodiac sign: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Zodiac Constellation Canvas - Sagittarius
Includes all 12 Star signs, modifiable.
Rezzes for 1 LI
2L$ during the Femboy hunt 5.
*Not available until August 1st!*
Pose: {NanTra} The Dragon Thief  7 
Worn pose prop, 50$L per gacha try.
Wombat: Schadenfreude Chestnut Wombat
13 colors to collect, 10 commons and 3 rares.
50$L per play.
Catapult: Frogstar - Trebuchet Toy Prop (Dark)
Rezzes for 1 LI, unscripted, modifiable, LI will adjust to size.
Available in 3 colors and includes both the toy prop and the "I wanna destroy things" sizes.
200$L per color pack.
*Not available until August 10th*
Waves sign: [Fetch] Elemental Mirrors - Water
Available in 4 styles (Earth/Wind/Water/Fire)
Rezzes for 1 LI
*Not available until August 11th!*
Head wrap(Dragon's hand): Frogstar - Bluebeard's Bride Chain Headwrap
Enchantment prize.
Buy any product offered during the Enchantment event and get a stamp book.
Collect all 20 stamps from the participating stores by clicking their stamp machines for free, fill up the book, and get access to one of the gifts provided by the stores.
Worn item,  Rezzes for 2 LI.
*Not available until August 1st!*

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's coming....

The Official site:  
Slated for August 19-25, 2014,
around HP Lovecraft’s birthday,
our main event site on Second Life
will feature a re-creation of the marvelous
Lovecraft tale “At the Mountains of Madness,”
a very ambitious endeavor that should prove to be
a truly thrilling 3D graphical experience!
As always, the Lovecraft Festival will host a group
of wonderful product vendors and include
activities and events to make for a great
experience to all who visit!

Keep a close look out for more information regarding this event!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You've done it now, Sea louse!

I just finished watching "My Bride is a Mermaid", or at least finished what they have on Netflix dubbed in English.
I LOVE this anime so much!
So, this was my inspiration on this post, I decided to make my own "Seto" gang member.
Of course when a Mermaid gets when her legs turn back into a tail, but in this case, head fins appear instead.
I present to you Akira "cat-fish" Voorhees....
Because Honor among thieves...
Making this outfit came easy when I was sent the sexy pirate themed bathing suit from Dark Passions.
The Sabre - Pirate Swimwear is a Meshy one piece, complete with a skull and cross swords for added piratage.
Included is a Meshy one piece in several Meshy sizes and an alpha layer.
Pick it up at the Aloha fair for 160$L.
*20% off during the Aloha Fair*
Following it up with the new hair from Ayashi.
The Yumiko hair is their newest release, and an event special for The Candy Shop.
Yumiko is a long, butt length hair with built in ears that change the same color as your hair.
Included with the hair is a HUD for easy hair color/ear change, as well as an option to change the inner ear color separately.
Yumiko is available in 10 color packs for 250$L per color pack and one fat-pack available for 1,500$L.
Demo Available.
*Not available until August 1st.*
A face stripe added from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations added that "bad ass" feel.
{The Void} face band is a 100% Original Mesh item, and is available ONLY during the Depraved Nation Blues Hunt.
This is a Male oriented hunt, and the gifts are 5$L per, but as you can see, some of the items can be unisex.
*Not available until August 1st*
Headfins are a must, and ~*Souzou Eien*~ came through with the new release of Storm Child of Proteus Headfin & Tentas.
The Storm Child of Proteus Headfin & Tentas are a new release to the main store and are a 100% Original Mesh.
Included are the Head fins and the tentas which can be worn together, or separately and a HUD for easy color change, re-size, script delete, info and pose for editing.
8 colors for the spines, 8 colors for the fins, and 8 colors PER tenta are included in the HUD.
These will be great for any mermaid or any other underwater creature!
Grab them up for 350$L.

And last but not least, the new Jade skin from Morphine.
Jade is a new release in the 3rd Wave skin series and is available at the Aloha fair .
Available in 3 tones (Peach, medium, Tan), Jade is in a natural face pack.
Included are 8 skin bases(cleavage, brows), appliers for boobs and butts(Slink sold separately), eyes, shape, and brow shape.
Jade is 395$L per tone during the fair.
The Items - 
Necklace: Frogstar - Bluebeard's Keys (Silver) *NEW*
Available for Enchantment, and is available in 2 colors(Gold or silver).
100$L per color.
Eyes:  .The Sugar Garden. Dark Skies - Deep Blue
Free group gift, fee to join.
Includes 3 colors (Blue/Pink/Green) and eye prims.
Nail Applier: {Wicked} Peach - Business Nail Appliers *NEW*
Available during the Godfather II Serafilms themed round and includes toes and fingernail appliers.
Poses: F*cking Ninjas' Prepare for Glory Pose + Katana
Face Stripe: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..{The Void} face band  *NEW*
Lips: * Morphine : Ghail's Lips (Cherry Dark) (N/A)
Liner: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 008 - Jester Cat
Fangs: Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Fins:  ~*Souzou Eien*~ Storm Child of Proteus Headfin & Tentas *NEW*
Bathing Suit: Dark Passions - Sabre -  Pirate Swimwear *NEW*
Collar: ::A Master's Eye:: Caethiwo Collar New Black *NEW*
Skin: * Morphine : Jade Peach Skintone (Natural/BlackBrow w/CL) *NEW*
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yumiko hair *NEW*
Sandals: lassitude & ennui Kitty sandals black / silver (rigged, Slink) *NEW*

Monday, July 28, 2014

I forgot the sunscreen....

Playing outside all day can be an amazing fun time..unless you burn.
Then you feel like the sun itself has licked your skin and left a trail of burning lava  on your flesh.
This is me after 5 minutes of outside play time.
If I go outside, I have to use SPF Vampire in order to keep my luxuriously sexy pale dungeon tan.
I forgot to add sunscreen and well...I figured I'd make myself look the same in SL.
Ama brings us some fun extras during a fair and a hunt.
The Sunburn kit comes from the Aloha fair and features an INCREDIBLE amount of ways to wear.
Including sunburn for every part of your body imaginable on not just makeup layer and base layer, but in appliers for those Meshy body parts.
There are FIFTEEN different ways to wear these sunburns, and even some for the guys are included!
For 75$L you too can be a sunburned lobster, or just have "A hint of pink" during the summer time.
Oh, and by the way, this set is marked down to 25% during this event, so after'll be more.
The next items Ama brings us are both gift items!
first, these SUPER CUTE Kawaii nails!
Available for 5$L during the "Cupcake Anonymous"hunt, these are a Slink applier so you need to have the Slink hands/feet/or the nails to wear them.

Includes 8 different colors/faces to choose from and includes both the toe/fingernail appliers.
Hint: The hedgie is trying to hard to steal me... should we tell him he's not real?
The hair today is a new release in store from Ayashi.
The Makoto hair is a short hair stlye meant for males, but as you can see, can easily be warn on females.
This super cute short hair style is available in 8 - 250$L color packs, 2 - 400$L color packs, and 1 fat - pack for 1,500$L.

The Items:

Poses: . Infiniti . - Frisbee - Female Set
Pack includes 8 wearable Frisbees with built in poses, and 8 static poses, and rezzable Frisbee for display.
These are not out yet, but will be soon! 
Skin: Lumae ~ Nima : 1 - Icing / Bare {Mid Cleavage/Freckles}
Available in 8 tones.
Includes 4 skin bases (Freckles, cleavage, etc), cleavage options on makeup and base layer shirt, applier for Loud Mouth, Shape, and more.
825$L per tone.
All other appliers sold separately.
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Makoto hair
Available in 8 250$L color packs, 2 400$L color packs, and 1 fat - pack for 1,500$L.
This is actually a guys hair, but as you can see, works great for females too!
Eyes: .The Sugar Garden. Dark Skies - Green
Free group gift, fee to join.
Includes 3 colors (Blue/Pink/Green) and eye prims.
Sunburn: Ama. : Bikini Sunburn : Full On Lobster
75$L, Aloha Fair exclusive
Collar: MUSCHI Desir Collar [BASIC Black]
Free on Marketplace!
Also available in White for free.
Necklace: REIGN.- Hello Hipster Necklace- GROUP GIFT
Free group gift, fee to join.
Nail Applier: Ama. : Slink Polish: Kawaii : 
5$L, "Cupcake Anonymous"hunt
Piercings: - .Haus of Darcy. - End Of The Night - Female - Razor
Last chance to get it at this great price!
Available at a reduced price of 50% off for the Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto .
Includes facial and chest piercings in 3 metal colors, makeup layers in 16 options, and male/female sizings.
Modifiable for the perfect fit!
Normally 120$L, on sale for 60$L!
Top: !The Little Bat - Kawaii Tank
Manga Fair, 175$L.
Includes Meshy top in several sizes and color change HUD with 8 colors to choose from.
Shorts: [R3volt] - Kari Boy-Shorts [V3]
Not Free