Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moving the site to Wordpress

So, it looks like Blogger has changed their minds, after I moved everything over to Wordpress.
With that being said, I will STILL be using the Wordpress blog, and not this one.
Thank you.

It is with a sad heart that I am shutting down the blogger Chatterbox site and moving it to Wordpress.
This comes after the announcement of Blogger making "mature" content themed blogs private.
You can read more about that here:

Thanks to this, several blogs will be moving for sure, but, this is NOT the end of The SL Chatterbox!!!
I'll just be at Wordpress instead of Blogger.

All posts up until now will also be there, in the order they were published, along with the pages of About me and things and also any comments you have posted on my blog!


You can check out the NEW SL Chatterbox out right now actually! 

Please follow me as I start a new chapter in my blogging, and for those of you who have been here since the beginning and follow me there, THANK YOU!

♥Akira Voorhees

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nightie night~Furniture

Here's the layout for the last post here: 
Showing off the cute pieces I picked up at some events, all of them gorgeous!
Get the layout! -

Building: llorisen // lils shotgun cottage
*188$L, Rezzes for 120 LI*
Bed: [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-vintage midnight)
*Rezzes for 8 LI*

Pillows: [Fetch] Lazy Pillow
*Not Free*
*150$L, Rezzes for 2 LI each, 6 styles included*

Chair: Second Spaces - Social Ladder deco chair - white
*175$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Shelf: Second Spaces - Social Ladder wall display shelf
*200$L, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Dresser: Second Spaces - Social Ladder dresser - pink
*150$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*
Lamp: Grumpy Goat ~ Fairy Lights ~ The Fairy
 *Gacha prize, Rezzes for 5 LI*

Jar: {Bottled toughts} sky opened .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
*200$L for 4 colors, Rezzes for 2 LI each*

Eiffel Tower: floorplan. eiffel tower marquee
*Not Free*
*175$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Big dreamer: :Cheeky Pea: Dreamer Lights - Copper
*150$L, Rezzes for 3 LI*

Curtains: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Tied (Pink - R)
*Roses color change!*
 *188$L, Rezzes for 9 LI each at this size*

Love shutter: [Fetch] Love Shutter (white/pink)
*75$L, Rezzes for 1 LI*
Guitar: Seven Emporium - Unstrung Classical Guitar
*88$L, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Heart Curtains: Frogstar - Hearts Garland RARE
*Not Free*
*Gacha prize, Rezzes for 2 LI*

Clothing on floor: Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor
*Not Free*
*95$L, part of pack, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Book in drawer: Sway's [Neal] Books
*Not Free*
*5$L, part of pack, Rezzes for 1 LI*

Nightie night~Fashion

I have more sexy things to show you from the first round of Seraphim Social since the new year! 
Ethereal is the theme this time, everything is...uhm...ethereal feeling?
I don't know how to explain it, but this is the inspiration board they used:
So, keeping in theme with the inspiration offered, katat0nik made these gorgeously sexy babydolls.
The Ethereal babydoll is available in 7 colors, each within the color spectrum, and each features a ton of options to play with.
Each color includes the Meshy babydoll in fitted meshy versions, and not only that, they are fitted for both the Slink Physique and the Maitreya mesh bodies.
Also included are a flat version and a regular version. 
The flat version will not warp the textures if you make your chest bigger.
Also included are appliers for Maitreya and Slink Physique for some cute panties in matching tones.
Each one is 500$L, or you can buy the fat-pack for 1,750$L.

Where can I begin with this? It's cute, sexy, gorgeous, and the texturing is #flawless!
It fits perfectly, it's snug in all the right places, and I can make my boobs HUGE, and still have it fit right.
These are something every dresser, closet, or floor should have.
Making an appearance is the new Shiny hair by Tableau Vivant.
Shiny is available next to it's counter part Shabby at the new Shiny Shabby event.
Available in 3 color packs, each pack contains 15 colors to it.
250$L gets you your favorite pack of colors, I always go for Naturals 2, it has the black color spectrum in it.
She is a gorgeous long hair style and looks great for a bed head look!

I looooove Tableau Vivant, they are one of my favorite hair stores, their hairstyles are gorgeous, always.
Shabby is no different, I love the played down, kind of messy look to her and when I was making this post, I had to go grab it to make the look complete.

Get the look! - 

Poses: [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-vintage midnight)
Skin: Lumae ~ Beth : 2 - Cream  / Bare {Mid Cleavage}

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Shiny hair (L) - Naturals II

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Luna~ Envi Eye

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
*Not Free*

Lips: The Wicked Peach - Pleasure Lip Stain -6
*Not Free*

Eyeshadow: The Wicked Peach - Love Like Valentine 6

Dress: *katat0nik* (peachy/Maitreya) Ethereal Babydoll
Necklace: [Fetch] Gretchen Necklace
*Includes 6 phrases to choose from, 3 metal colors*

Bracelets: [The Forge] Diamond Torc Bracelet, Gold

Gloves: The Wicked Peach - Borderline Glove
*For Slink and Maitreya only, includes 6 colors*
How we wish we looked when waking up in the morning: 
How we really look: 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Madame Fairy Sera

More from the *Fantasy Gacha Carnival* coming you way today, in the form of a bright cheery fairy!

Caverna Obscura brings us the Ballerina outfit in both the Black and White versions.
The gacha is a mixed gacha with 14 pieces to collect for both outfits.
That's 7 for each  color, each with 2 rares.
The tops are the ultra rares and the skirts are the rares.
This outfit can be worn many ways, including with out the flowers, and there are also shoes to win!

This is such a fun set to play with, mixing and matching the colors to make different looks. 
I really love the skirts the most, but I am a fan of the corset pieces too.
They fit over meshy bodies pretty well, I got them to fit on the Maitreya body without too much trouble.
Ploom is participating in this round as well, with 2 new hairstyles, including one with horns!
Each one of the new Ploom gacha hairs has an optional accessory to play with.
Twig, the one I'm wearing, has the optional flowered wreath you can wear, and even includes a color change HUD to change those gorgeous flowers, both the roses and the baby's breath.
Available to win in 9 color packs, including 3 rare packs.

I really love this hair, it looks great with and without the circlet, and looks great as a elegant half up do for a night out, or play it down with some jeans and a t-shirt.
Or, ya know, fantasy it up!
I, like most of the population in , am a hoarder of everytihngs.
My inventory is organized to where everything is nice and neat, and where it needs to be, one of those things that I hoard is good looking skins.

*Hi, my name is Akira and I'm a skin whore.*

Flounce skins is a new-ish skin store to me, only being around for around a year or so, but I own a few of their skins already.
Their newest edition, Sera, is absolutely stunning!
Available in 8 skin tones, with Pearl being the lightest, and Cioccolato the darkest.
Each tone includes 7 skin basses with varying makeup options.
Also included are makeup layer blush, brows, lips, beauty marks, and lash alpha layer.
Grab up your favorite tone for 399$L, appliers are sold separately for 149$l, but once you buy that, you have all appliers for every skin tone available currently!

God she is gorgeous! I mean I really love the way this skin looks, she is elegant, she is gorgeous, and she looks great on my face!
I went with the Cashmere tone, which is the 2nd lightest offered, while wearing the blush and the lips from the set.

Get the look! - 

Poses: . Infiniti . - Carefree
*Includes 8 static poses, and their static mirrors.*
Skin: flounce - Sera - Cashmere - 5
 with Sera Lips - Antique - 2,
and Scarlett - Med/Dk - Blush 4.
*Makeup included in pack*
*New Release!*

Hair: Ploom Twig (small) - Ploomage

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Owls~ Ocean Eye
*Not Free*

Eyeshadow: The Wicked Peach - Passion 1

Wings: Deviance - Titania Fairy Wings - All Colors (Fast)
*Not Free*
Nail Applier: The Wicked Peach - Mani/Pedi - Romance - Maitreya
*available in Maitreya, Belleza, Slink*
*Cosmetic Fair*

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
*Not Free*

Giraffe: +Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Glitter Galaxy
Outfit: Ballerina~LIGHT~ [Fitted Mesh] by Caverna Obscura

Jewelry: Cae :: Ethereal :: set

Shoes: {Livalle} Modig -High Strapped Sandals- Pearl (Maitreya)
*New Release!*