Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fantasy faire 2012 and Arcane

So Fantasy Faire 2012 has started and there are lots of very beautiful things up for sale. The Fantasy faire is for a very good cause, Relay For Life. I have yet to buy anything from there...too much to chose from, and currently...I am broke v.v   So instead, I checked out the sims, which are AMAZING btw, and grabbed up some freebies while showing off my new look!

RP story:
The arcane magic she had been using was taking its toll on her body. Deep purple lines were forming under her eyes, symbols of the spells and incantations she had learned and mastered over the years. Her skin, a deep purple, had become more vibrant, shiny if you will. Her nails, long and sharp, were painted up in a arcane blue color. Her eyes had turned from a deep maple brown, to an arcane blue.

One of the freebies from the Fantasy Faire is from Mystic Hope designs. Its black, red and pants/dress all at the same time o.o!

I looks really good with my avs new look and is great for all mythical beings!

Full Body:
 And a close up of the face!:
And now for the credits:

Shape: Modded layja vidor shapes from Exxess
Skin/ears:  Heartsick - Deity : Impish Group Gift V2 (past GG, has LOTS of extras!)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Arcane Eyes (here in store) or (here on Marketplace)
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] KITTY GALORE Sharp Claws L20 Twisted (twisted hunt, arcane)
Lashes: ::EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK(Past hunt Gift)
Hair: >TRUTH< Miranda - crow
Makeup:(face markings) ISPIDES face marks +Fallen Gods Inc.+ RFL purple (FF2011)
(eyeliner) Zeery, Obsidian Razor (NLA)
Clothes: - MysticHope - Freebie Woman 1.2012 - Lucyas Sister Schleife (FF2012)
Boots: Sex'd Up Couture- NNH Boots black (MESH) (Noir Nights Hunt gift)
Jewelry:Necklace,  FINESMITH pre- valentine Members groupgift
Piercings: (lock and key set) .:ellabella:. TTH Prize(S)!(past hunt gift)
(4 point mouth pierce) [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)

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