Sunday, July 22, 2012

SL Blogger challenge - Mummy!!!

RP story:
She awoke in a darkening room, covered in gold and painted pictures of people and objects. Looking around she noticed lots of sand and several snakes pacing around her tomb. The tomb was rather large in size, meant more for a king then a princess. She stood from the sarcophagus, taking her first step since she had died all those years ago. She looked at herself...Her once long flowing golden gown, torn and tattered to shreds. Her body, no longer a bronze color, now a pale color with rotting flesh and bruising. Her hair, still had pieces of the wrapping in it from when she was wrapped and laid to rest. All her jewelry was still intact though, she sighed a sigh of relief. "At least one thing is still normal" She said. She looked around in the rooms, one was filled with gold and gems...her fortune when she was alive she had guessed. Another was filled with her favorite possessions most of which were deteriorated beyond repair. The last room was filled with clothes, jewelry, and the remains of her cats Altair and Mabina. "My poor babies" she said kneeling next to the remains.  Looking around the room, she found some better clothes to wear, and replaced her ratty clothes with the new "MUCH better" She thought. She looked for away out of the tomb, it was stuffy and she wanted to know what had changed in 10,000 years. Moving some sand she found the outline of a door, she pushed hard against it and it opened into another dark room with a light at the end. "I guess this is the beginning of my afterlife" She said.

This one was a rather hard one for me to make. I don't even do anything with mummies because they are just dead things wrapped in toilet paper looking clothes and only go "MMMMmmmMMMmmMMm".

So, I decided to go more Egyptian and elegantly dead. Instead of the traditional white wrappings, adding golds and reds.                                          Hope you like it!

Full Body

And a face shot


Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Salome-(cafe B4)Summer Horror Special (n/a)
Shape: My Own
Hair/white bandages:  CriCri-Zombie Hair (store closed)
Eyes: [T.P]-Jerusalem-Copper (plastik gift)
Nails/gold moon ring:  Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold (n/a)
Feet: Candy Nail Bare feet  (Group Gift)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
1.: *LpD* - group Gift  Eyeshadow Golden (past group gift)
2.: {Z} Colors [] Eyeliner [] obsidian razor (past hunt gift)
3.: [M.O.C.K.] Basically Alma [Makeover] (past group gift0
4.:  White liner: Stain- Eye Definer, White (Hunt gift from TGGS)
5.:  Survivor Tattoo (Whole Body)
Gold Bodysuit: Evie's Closet - Magic Of Oz Anniversary Gift 2010 (N/A)
Wrappings: MIssnoise - Bende set (Marketplace item)
Necklace:  "Draconis" collar for female -ruby goth
Earrings:  Zuri's Adored Earrings (past group gift)
1: :+*R*+: Gondeliera Ring White
2: Chop Zuey Gift Women - Fire & Brimstone Ring (past gift)

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