Sunday, July 8, 2012

SN@TCH and go

So Sn@tch has a new fishing outfit available for those willing to fish for it. I've spent the last day or two fishing for pieces and Have gotten the pieces I want from it. I still would like the pants, but they have the lowest drop rate >.< Maybe in a bit I'll try again for them!

So the outfit consists if 24 pieces including, hair, shoes, jewelry, a backpack, and of course, the outfit itself.
Here I am wearing both tops, minus the prim sleeves, the hair, and the belt. Woren with the Sn@tch Yacht Club Jeans, a prize from the lucky boards. I also managed to fish up a TON of fish!!

The shoes are a freebie from SF Designs.

and a close up of the face for detailing :)


Skin: [M.O.C.K.] Cersei Skin - peaches with orange sauce (Group Gift)
Shape: My Own
Ears: Southpaw #1 Ears Plain - No Jewlery (Group Gift)
Hair:Sn@tch fishing outfit
Eyes: [Plastik] -vae collection- Fool (past hunt gift)
Nails:  ...::: Scrub :::...  Spyked Black Nails 
Lashes: ::EAB:: Ms March Eyelashes by LDK (N/A)
1.: [M.O.C.K.] Basically Alma Makeover
2.: {Z} Colors [] Eyeliner [] obsidian razor
3.: cStar Limited - Leopard Print [Blacklight]
shirts:Sn@tch fishing outfit
Pants:Sn@tch Lucky Board prize
Belt:Sn@tch fishing outfit
Shoes:  sf design antalya sandals for womens with toes
Necklace:  V. Hannah and her Scissors
Bracelet 1 (Bangles): SIGMA Jewels/Layered Bangles 
Bracelet 2 (white flower): ASO!HairElasticClassic(GG)HAND
Ring: :::Favole::: Liability 
Earrings: ELUZION * Xoana Earrings

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