Friday, August 24, 2012

From the Depths of Unicorn Ash, Cstar and Fallen Gods. Pt. 1

So its been a minute since I've posted my last blog, got really busy IRL (work and was my IRL wedding anniversary!).

But I am back with a brand new post about some very, very unique and sexy skins!

The first skin I'm showing is the new Lucky board and gatcha prize from CStar Skins.The gatcha is currently sitting at 12L a try and will go up 1L everyday until Jasmine decides to change to another skin.
The skin comes in 36 different colors...yes 36 different colors to choose from and if your anything like the rest of SL skin addicts, you'll want them all. Here is a picture of all 36 skins to gather:

This skin color is called Unicorn Ash, its a very pretty purple-ish grey color with blue face marks. I am currently only wearing blue lipstick and eyeliner makeup layers, everything else comes on the skin!


Skin: cStar Limited - Miss Virgo 2012 - Unicorn Ash (lucky board/gatcha prize)
Shape: My Own
Hair: ::Exile:: Hair fair gift (N/A)  
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Deep eyes Berry (group gift)
Nails:...::: Scrub :::...  Spyked Black Nails (200L)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
Horns: Favole- Accursed
1.: Rebelstar- Dark angel tattoo (Marketplace Item)
2.: -UtopiaH- At My Feet Tattoo (Pink Ribbon Hunt prize)
3.: Tenjin Nature's Color Block Tattoo (Color Block Fair gift/N/A)
1.:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra- Lipstick- Blue (lucky board prize)
2.: Z colors, obsidian razor Eyeliner (n/A)
Corset:[dirty.little.secret] :: Devil Corset (past hunt gift, N/A)
Pants: [Nein!] Riveted! M (past lucky board prize/ available in store)
Shoes: Cute Poison - Poison Sole Shoes (Vanity Fair)
Gloves: Electra Gloves short- T&A designs 
Bracelets: **...:::SCRUB:::...Paz (subo gift)
Belly Piercing:  Chop Zuey Gift - Sounds Belly Ring (past summer gift)
Face piercing: Tameless Piercing Group Gift (past group gift/available in store)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Pearls - Combo Sets and Singles - BLACK (marketplace item)
Earrings: *StashBash Hunt* - #17 Adore & Abhor -(N/A)

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