Friday, August 24, 2012

From the Depths of Unicorn Ash, Cstar and Fallen Gods. Pt. 2

So for this next post, I'm showing off the "Depth" skin from Fallen Gods. Its the newest skin featured in the fortune teller game :)

In order to get this wonderful skin, you have to match 100% with someone when you both sit and get your fortunes read. Good luck, took me almost 3hrs to do so! Also, guys, if you decide to go help out your ladies and sit with them, no worries, it comes with a male version as well!!! I would suggest doing this in at a busy time, to help speed up the process.

This is what the skin looks like:

After seeing it, I thought of nothing more then galaxies, aliens, and everything beyond.
Sooooo...I waited patiently for 3hrs while sitting with lots of random SL people until that 1 person came and we got a 100% match!
And this is what I decided to do with said skin:
I'm sure I'll find something else to do with this skin, but for now, this is what I got.
Awesome hair! Too bad the store is closed v.v

Very short Details for this one:



Skin: DEPTH +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortunes, female (Fortune teller prize)

Shape: My Own

Hair: $GaNKeD$ Space Vomit Hair (past CAHH prize, store closed,n/a)

Eyes: [Plastik]- Haunt Collection-Hypnotiqe (past subo gift)

Nails: ::{Favole}:: Ophelia (Past hunt gift, n/a)

Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)

Fuzzy part by the naughty bits: SPUNK - Mosaic Censor (Pelvis)(past CMFBH gift)

JEWELRY: FINESMITH HUNT ITEM4 Girl in tux collar silver/diamonds (store closed n/a)

Necklace: Earrings: !Rebel Hope - Gift for You (vintage fair 2012 gift)

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