Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SOSL blogger challenge- the Genie!!

The dark genie to be exact. Be careful what you wish for, everything she does for you, has a price ;)
Black, gold, and blue was the color scheme I went with, instead of a friendly pink. I also wanted more of a magical feel to her, this is why her skin has a blue hue to it.
Full body shot
And a face shot, I <3 eyes="eyes" her="her" p="p">
Enjoy :D


Skin: -{The Attic}- Twisted: Arcane (past hunt gift/Awesome skins)
Shape: My Own
Hair:  Tameless Leah all colors (past group gift)
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Arcane Eyes (marketplace item)
Nails: Izzie's Glitter nails, size 20 (past hunt gift)
Lashes: Moonshadows eyelashes 1
Glowing swirls on hands: ::Evaki:: Creative Angels hunt Gift *(past hunt gift)
Fog and stars from feet: Rising Silks for her particle set (part of a whole outfit/past hunt gift)
1.: .tsg. Miss Sassy Brow (past hunt gift)
2.: Nemezi Sparkly Blue eyeshadow (Marketplace item/very nice, inexpensive makeups) 
3.: :Glamorize: Lip tricks - old gold (marketplace item)
4.:  Mock Basically Alma makeover (past group gift)
Hair Bow:Chus! Chubow Black (past dollarbie)
Full outfit: SAKIDE Linen Harem set (Seriphim turns 1 hunt comes in 2 colors, 10L)
Shoes: Alice Cullen flats (past hunt gift, n/a)
Gloves: Sil`ly:: Rikka armwarmers (N/A)
Ring: Chop Zuey Gift - Fire and brimstone ring(past gift)
Anklet: 4 Gold rings (marketplace item)
Bracelet: Sigma Jewels layered bangles (past gift)
Bracelet: DD Pieces of eight (Unsure)
Belly Piercing:  Chop Zuey Gift - Sounds Belly Ring (past summer gift)
Face piercing [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
Necklace: I <3fashion bronze="bronze" gift="gift" i="i" key="key" past="past">
Earrings: Zuri's Captured Onyx Shimmer GemChange Earrings Gift (past group gift)

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