Thursday, September 13, 2012

Al Vulo, the Perfumed Cutlass Pirate

From the outside, it doesn't look like much. A small falling to pieces shack on the edge of the world. A treasure chest and a cannon sit on the outside, covered in dust and debris. Anyone would mistake it for another abandoned building left by the pirates. Instead, it was hers. The small dilapidated shack was her place where should would for him to return.
             Inside was a bounty of things. A fireplace to stay warm, bounds of books about far off worlds and new countries to read. Leather chairs for sitting and even a bed to lay in when she got tired. There was wine and flowers, boxes of exotic chocolates and foods from places she had never heard of.

MadPea has another awesome hunt going on right now, its called the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt, and by the name you can tell its a pirate themed hunt! The hunt is not free, but only costs 10L for a hud. The hud helps you find the missing map fragments and unlock the prize cave FULL of prizes. The prizes are good as always and the story line, even better. The stories are about the perfumed cutlass, a beautiful pirate woman whose looks and charm get her the hearts of just about every guy should could ever want. When she leaves these men to go on her next journey, she leaves a small piece of her treasure map behind in the promise that she will one day return.
Al Vulo out their new group gift today as well. Julia is available in Intense Night to the group members for free. The group is free to join, but might one day cost something, so join A.S.A.P!
Also, the next round of Perfect Wardrobe is out. Be sure to check out some of the fabulous items featured there! I found the Ben's Beauty lace Ribbon earrings and matching ring. The ring is sold separately but is totally worth it to have the matching set!
Now for some pictures :D

From the outside
the furniture
Full body shot
Close up
And one of the ring :)

Things from the hunt:
(lots more prizes not shown, including clothes/skins, and more furniture)

1.:Perfumed Cutlass Captains Quarters Day Bed (The Elegant Goth)
2.: Fireplace, brownish carpet, chair, ottoman (RavenSong)
3.: Reddish carpet (Arkenstone)
4.: Cannon, cannonballs (Chic buildings)
5.: Treasure chest (.:W&W:. )
6.: Building (*UI* )
7.: Necklace and bracelets (.:CoLLisions:.)


Skin: Al Vulo- Julia- Intense Night
Shape: My Own
Hair: Alice Project *Keira* - Infinity (SHH prize)
Eyes: -{The Attic}- Twisted Edition Mesh Eyes  (Twisted Hunt fall 2012 hunt gift)
Nails: *R*D* Back to school red plaid nails (Subo Gift)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
1.  ..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lipstick red
Corset: :::Sn@tch Jean Corset sookie set (lucky Board prize)
Skirt: Blueberry Mesh Jenna Skirt (group Gift)
Shoes: Blueberry Mesh black knee high boots (group gift)
Shirt: NAUTICAL 72 - Suki's Silken Fashions (Past Hunt gift)
Earrings and Ring: Bens beauty lace ribbon set (Perfect Wardrobe)

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