Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mon Cheri, find my pumpkins at The Arcade!

I've never been one to change my shape very easily. I've been stuck in the "I hate those squish faced small girl shapes" way for a while now. Akira has always been tall, pouty lips, and skinny...until now!

I participated in the Jesylilo pumpkin hunt that she is having right now. Find 20 pumpkins with 20 different prizes, and have a great time mixing a matching things! I loved most of the things from there, I'm set on prim eyes (By Snow! has fabulously unique eyes btw :p) so the eyes were a no go for me, but they were very pretty! I loved the girl shape that came in one of the pumpkins, it wasn't a squished face girl, it was something much cuter! I tried it on and have been wearing it ever since!

I paired it with the new group gift from Aeva/Heartsick. The skin is called Yveys and comes in a cream color or a darker chocolate color. I chose the cream color cause I like the lighter colors. It comes with two small pink lines down the middle of the bottom lip, almost like a painted piercing. Its super cute!

Next, was the best part...THE CLOTHING!!
I have been drooling over The Arcade things for the last 4 days now, playing and playing for the things I want! I finally got just about everything I wanted, linden permitting of course! I walked away with the three items offered by Mon Cheri and only playing that gatcha 3 times! I looked over The Arcade shopping guide before heading in to the place so I knew what I wanted and I wouldn't take up more space so other people could have a turn. Warning, its SUPER busy there!
There are several hunts going on right now, one of which, The Panty Raid hunt, Sparrowtree Designs is offering this "SEXY" pose set with 3 poses inside.


Skin: Aeva/Heartsick- Yeveys tone 2 (group gift, currently free to join)
Shape: JesyLilo fairy avatar shape (find my pumpkins hunt)
Hair: ALICE PROJECT- Kiera- Infinity (Summer Harvest Hunt, ending soon!)
Eyes:  ~*By Snow*~ Deep eyes Berry (Past group gift, currently free to join)
Nails: Synthetique Medium Fierce nails, blue cotton candy, size 20 (Fairytale Fantasy Hunt)
Lashes:..::Beauty Killer::.. Electra Lashes (lucky board prize)
1.  .Cstar Lepord pint- blacklight (50L)
Tattoos: Chest- Alterego, the phoenix (Part of past group gift, 250L to join)
Pants, Shirt, Earrings: Mon Cheri for the Arcade gatcha event (75L a try, rare prize is all 3 at once!)
Shoes: Cute Poison - Poison Sole Shoes (Vanity Fair)
Cigarette: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Lucky Stroke, smoked autumn (THE AUTUMN EFFECT HUNT)
1.: Scrub- Stupid rigging ring mesh (The Fall Effect Hunt)
2.: [HANDverk]Serpent a try, RARE gatcha prize fro the Arcade event)
3.:  ...:::Scrub:::... DP Cameo Ring (past hunt gift)
Face piercings:  
1.: [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
2.: Ellabella Sweep in rainbow (The Autumn Effect hunt, #28)

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