Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Golden Apple in NYC.

It had been a long boring day in NYC, Akira layed sleepily on her bed as she waited for the time to come. She had  a very important date tonight, well more so a very important event to go to! She layed there in her new items she had found hidden in Golden Apples, costing 12L each, all around the NYC sim. Her top "Denim Tube top" was from Switch, Her earrings "Jet set in silver" by Maxi Gossamer, and her hair "Brandy, Pink tips" was by LOQ. Each item was only 12L when she found them in the Golden apples! It might be cold and snowing outside, but its oh so warm in the new apartment building.

The New York City sim is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with lots events! Shows, music, sales, and even a hunt for the hunter inclined. There are 12 Golden Apples hidden all around the sim containing amazing items from the designers on the sim. Each apple costs 12l, and they are totally worth every linden! You can go here and look at the gifts and get some hints for the gifts as well. The hints are in no particular order >.<

One of my favorite items featured was the hair by LOQ. I'm not one for the half shaved head look but this one looked interesting. It comes with a shaved head base,the color is "Brandy II" and has 5 different streak options, I'm wearing the pink tips. It looks awesome!

Skin: Cstar Limited- Miss Aries- Satin-Pale Lip(gatcha prize)
Shape: ::MAR:: CS.Doll SHape for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair: LOQ hair- Brandy II- Pink tips (Golden Apple hunt gift) Hint: "This is what it sounds like when doves cry"
Eyes: Izzie's Eyes-Bright Blue
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::...  Spyked Black Nails (200L)
Lashes: :MARS: CS doll lashes
1.: YayO- Take flight birds- hip tattoo
2.:SOUL Purple rain (past hunt gift)
1.: LOQ Hair base (Comes with hair)
2.: ~*By Snow*~ Kitty pink eyeshadow (past MM board prize, available in store)
3.: MOCK Rumour has it makeover (Group gift, 250L join fee)
4.: [:ME:] Demi lips (goth red w/ teeth) (Group Gift)
Top: Switch Denim top  (Golden Apple hunt gift) Hint:"I can get you there in a New York minute"
Shorts: HEX! Lowrise Shorties (Past hunt Gift)
Socks: [ATOMIC] Happy harajuku - pink
Gloves: *X*Plosion Skull gloves
Shoes: NX- Narcotix Gatcha good old shoe- Tie Dye (Arcade gatcha event item 50L a play)
Kindle in hand: KUE! Kindle Birds (N/A, store closed)
1.: OD Piano ring
2.:FZaPP- Ring spiked- Gold
Bracelets: :Amorous: You (Marketplace freebie)
Necklace: [AURA] Beaded Boho (past hunt gift, available in store)
Face piercing: H.OD. Fire in the water (group gift)
Face Piercing 2: A.S.S. Monroe piercing (marketplace)
Belly Piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings
Neck Piercing: H.O.D. Fire int eh water (group gift)
Earrings: MG- Earring- Zaadori- Jet and Silver (Golden Apple hunt gift) Hint: My favorite song is Racks on Racks on Racks.

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