Tuesday, January 29, 2013

50 Shades of sexy....Better then Chocolate!

So, my computer took a massive dump and I was with out it for a month (felt like eternity!).
I came back to SL and had a bazillion different things in my inbox, and such! I got my group gifts, my luckies, my hunt on, and some other things. I came across a new blogger challenge called  "50 shades of sexy",  ( taken from the site) The object of this challenge is to bring sexy and the sensual to the front and center by highlighting some of the gorgeous lingerie that is offered by our Second Life fashion designers. With titles like "better then chocolate, pillow talk, and tangled up in the sheets", this challenge should be really hot and steamy! 

My first one is of the better then chocolate!

Better then chocolate?! Not possible! On the other hand...she did turn out pretty yummy ;) But let me just say this, brown is not a color I keep around a lot of, I just don't like it >.<

Skin: Al Vulo- Alyss* Wonderland blonde brow fairy (current group gift)
Shape: ::MAR:: CS.Doll Shape for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair:ChiChickie! Iris- Mahogany (past group gift)
Eyes: :[Plastik] -vae collection- Fool (Past hunt gift, N/A)
Nails: Bamboo Nails- Penguin (group gift)
Lashes: :MARS: CS doll lashes
Feet: Candy nail bare feet (past group gift)
1.: [:ME:] Demi lips (goth red w/ teeth) (Group Gift)
2.Mock- glitter pop Eshadow in chocolate pinkie (group gift)
3: Mock- Milk chocolate eshadow (group gift)
4.:A Netherworld - Cateye (past hunt gift)
Lingerie: LILLY BIRD- DOCKA LACE - BROWN/NUDE (marketplace item)
Belly ring: Chop Zuey- the final Judgement belly ring (past mens group gift)
Necklace, Ring, Earrings, bracelet: Purplemoon,Cycle dans la chocolaterie (past group gift)

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