Thursday, February 28, 2013

50 shades of sexy....Pour some sugar on me

                        THIS POST HAS BEEN RATED NSFW!

Ok, so in Second Life, pixel sugar does not look good, at all. I don't care who says other wise, it just DOES NOT look ok....unless you are this pic here, and in which case, you are awesome for making pixel sugar look good. Props for that! On top of pixelated sugar not looking good, I didn't want to do Def Leopard's "Pour some sugar on me", even though it is an awesome song!

So instead i went with...sugary sweets :D  I found cakes and candies and pies and ...and...SUGARY GOODNESS!! All while in very sexy lingerie ;)  The lingerie I found is from the market place and is only 5L! o.o    Its called  AXL pro FASHION l ONYX: Lola's Tango l Group gift.
And as the name states, it comes with Lolas Tangos applier :D
I am using the necklace from .: ZcZ Loriann in Carnelian. It is one of the rares fromt eh gacha at teh NEW free *style store that just opened up yesterday! The gatcha is 25L a play and has lots of colors to win....I'm still missing 2 colors >.<

I give to you my Pour some sugar on me post:

I hope you've enjoyed my post :D

Skin: al vulo- Ramona* femme fatale blonde brow fairy (with applier)
Shape/lashes: ::MAR:: CS.Doll Shape and lashes for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair: [e] Listen - Red 10
Eyes: BF . Eyes . Evening ~ Chartreuse (sample color) (marketplace free)
Nails: Manicured Claws (marketplace item)
Ears:  SouthPaw # 1 - Naturals 2 (plain) (group gift)
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
1.:[:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth) (past group gift)
2.: [mock]Party all night/Indifference Desert Sand [eyeshadow] (group gift/250L fee)
Melting chocolate heart mouthie: *C:K* Melting Chocolate - Dark (past group free)
Headband: PIDIDDLE - PopPop Headband - Licorice - Gunmetal
Lingeris with applier: AXL pro FASHION 
Shoes: [:ME:] Jen's Ankle Shoes Black
Necklace: .: ZcZ Loriann Necklace - Carnelian {chest} RARE (25L from gacha)
Earrings: {Violet Voltaire} Pocky Love Earrings: Chocolate 
belly piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings

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