Sunday, February 17, 2013

Global Domination pt.2

In the second installment we will be looking at the rest of the gifts for the Global Domination hunt.

First up, we have the gifts from Decoy, and Handverk. Decoy gave us a shirt, in very colorful colors, in several mesh sizes, and its very pretty in design! Comes in red, cream, white, and yellow. A very well thought out item for their country Mexico!

Handverk gives us several colorful macaw masks to channel your inner bird. Only comes in one size, but is stretchable. Comes in blue and red and with or with our feathers.
As for where this was taken, remember the lemurs I mentioned you had to feed? Here is one of them! Isn't he adorable!!! :D By the way, almost every pose I use are the pose gifts from aDORKable poses and Exposeur poses. 

Skin: [:ME:] Avarice Brown Skin tone (Thistle w/ CL&PR) (800L, greed pack)
Shape: ::MAR:: CS.Doll Shape for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair: >TRUTH< Jessie - smurf (past group gift)
Eyes: BF . Eyes . Evening ~ Chartreuse (sample color) (marketplace free)
Nails: [ S H O C K ] Glitters Storm Nails (Group Gift)
Lashes: :MARS: CS doll lashes (past hunt gift)
Ears:  SouthPaw # 1 - Naturals 2 (plain) (group gift)
1.:[:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth) (past group gift)
Shirt: [Decoy] Arcelia Blouse - Red (Global Domination gift)
Pants: *MonCheri* Sequin Pants -Black (past arcade event)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Classic Leather Pumps (JoJ hunt gift)
Mask: [HANDverk]Macaw Mask.feathered/red  (Global Domination gift)
Face piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
Necklace: KOSH- SULKA NECKLACE (past hunt gift)
Earrings: Izzie's - Feather Earring amber (past gift)

Next up is the gifts from Pilot and Indyra Originals. Pilot gave us this magnificent stage complete with ballet and acting poses. I'm using a pose from aDorkable right now. The gift from Indyra Originals is astonishing! 2 dresses in several versions (same dress, just different textures IE: sparkles, no sparkles, etc). I'm wearing the rose version in sparkle which is amazingly textured and beautiful! It is by far my favorite gift (though I LOVE them all!). The gift also includes 2 sets of jewelry to match the dresses, a necklace and a pair of earrings. 

STAGE:PILOT - Borovsky Stage (Global Domination gift)
Skin: [PF] Alyx - Sultry (EyeB/dkbrow) (group gift for valentines day)
Shape: ::MAR:: CS.Doll Shape for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair:  *Alice Project* Tyr - Infinity (Global Domination gift)
Eyes: [T.P]-OniCollection-Cumulus-Silver (past hunt gift)
Lashes: :MARS: CS doll lashes (past hunt gift)
Ears:  SouthPaw # 1 - Naturals 2 (plain) (group gift)
1.:[:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth) (past group gift)
2.: blackLiquid MAKEUP - glam boy liner (night) (eyeliner)
Dress: Indyra Originals Mesh: Daisha Gown: Lush Petal-Shimmer! (bright) (Global Domination gift)
Cigarette: BOOM* Golightly Cigarette Stem (black ash) (past Cinema event item)
Indyra Originals: Adrift Earrings: Rose (Global Domination gift)
Indyra Originals: Adrift Necklace: Rose (Global Domination gift)

And last, but most defiantly not least... the housing section!v These are all the gifts for you house from the creators of Mudhoney, The Loft, and Trompe Loeil.
The gift from Trompe Loeil is a colorful couch that has changeable seating. The Loft brings us a bench that is also in the colorful scheme. Everything in this picture is gifts from the hunt, except the skybox, that was from a different hunt >.<

Small bench at the bottom: The Loft - Armagan Bench
couch I am sitting on: Trompe Loeil - Kanpur Couch
MudHoney Madagascar Entry:
Ottoman, chair, console, pictures, boxes, trinket box, tree, basket

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