Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jack....Or....Jill? Pt.3

                             WARNING! THIS POST IS LONG AND PICTURE HEAVY!

And for the final post of the Jack or Jill Hunt, I'm showing the very last items I'm keeping :D

PIC 1:
Hunt Items-
1. *Epic Gloss* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Candy-Watermelon}
2. [KAMOURASKA] JOJ Hunt Mini Dress S (exclusive)
3....:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails
Other Items Used-
Hair: ! SugarsmacK !: Kat - NYC Remix Edition (Past hunt gift)
Skin: cStar - Candy Pop 2.0 - [Fair] Cleavage
Eyes: -SU!- Jelly Eyes Tricolor (LARGE) (past group gift)
Shoes: [Blossom] Pin Up (past hunt gift)
Furs: :: alterego :: hot as hell // furr boots - [color change]
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - My Special Treasures - Some Teeth I Found (Past Arcade item)
Earrings: [Ngelic]Furry earrings
Face Piercings: <> Face Piercing -Special Pink Ribbon Fair- 1
PIC 2:
Hunt items-
1. *Epic Gloss* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Candy-Banana}
2. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Oh my dots! (leggings)
3. ...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails L
4. Toxic High-- Hunt Gift [Girls] (top)
Other Items Used:
Skin: Al Vulo! -london*piccadilly circus milk (past group Gift)
Ring: FZaPP Ring Spiked Gold -10- By Fernandinha Zapedzki
Necklace: *** Just You Jewels *** Beat You With Me (past Hunt gift)
Earrings: .::PiCHi::. Metal Earrings [electric]L (MESH)
Purse: !!KKBB!! Jenette Purse - Kissy Purse (past Freebie)
Shoes: TEN"10 Megas boots
Eyes: Izzie's - Eyes bright blue (past free)
Belt: :::Sn@tch Rowdy Leather Belt (past lucky board prize)
Hair: *Alice Project* Tessa - Infinity (past hair fair free)
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed Piercings
Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ Heart Tattoo - Red (on neck) (hunt gift)

PIC 2:
Hunt items-
1. ::Para Designs:: Guardian Dark
2. *Epic Blush* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Rosie Pink}
3. *Epic Gloss* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Candy-Cherry}
4. {W&R}Holy Pink Shirt - Mesh
5. ...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails
Other Items Used:
Skin: Al Vulo! -london*piccadilly circus milk (past group Gift)
Ring: The Gentleman Caller Ring (Chop Zuey, past group gift)
Ring 2: ::{Favole}:: Liability (past hunt gift)
Necklace: ET~The Blood of the Rose Necklace (chest) (past hunt gift)
Earrings: ::michiYuu::Spike Earring/BLACK (past hunt gift)

Eyes: [Plastik]-VaeCollection-Fool (past hunt gift)
Hair: .:ARI:. Hannah *black* (past lucky board item)
Face Piercing: .:ellabella:. Benediction -simple (Past hunt gift)
Shoes: [whatever] CG Spikes - SL Fashion Week Groupgift - R [SILVER]


PIC 3:
Hunt items-
1. {dollle*} JOJ Hunt : Black & Red Corset Dress
2.  ...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails
3. ::Duh!:: Classic Leather Pumps
Other Items Used:
Eyes: Chus! Magdalena Light Royal (past free)
Skin: al vulo- Julia *  dating on the dark (past group gift)
Hair: *Alice Project* Lynn Christmas White (past x-mas gift)
Tattoo: +Half-Deer+ Heart Tattoo - Red (on neck) (hunt gift)
Makeup & piercings: The Dead Full Makeup - Dark (H.O.D. group gift)
Necklace &Earrings: [Gauze] Caged set

PIC 4:
Hunt items-
1. ...:::Scrub:::... Bit Nails
2. =Razorblade Jacket= Wallflower Dress (Comes with a hud to change the colors of teh dress!)
Other Items Used:
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Elven Eyes (Maple) (Marketplace)
Skin: [PXL] GAIA Vintage Love (Hunt)
Hair: *Alice Project* Kristina - Mega Pack (past gift)
Piercings: [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
Boots: -=FORSAKEN=- Step on my fuckin' boots, I DARE ya! (past event gift)
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai - Corazon - set

PIC 5:
Hunt items-
1.[ SAKIDE ] Lady Tux Vest and pants light
2. [ SAKIDE ] Lady Tux Vest and pants Dark
3. *Epic Blush* -Jack Or Jill Hunt-{Rosie Pink}
4.  [ SAKIDE ] Lady Tux Pumps
6. Intrepid:: Long Square Nails- JOJ Exclusive 2012
7. ::WetCat:: "Jack Or Jill" Pose Prop (window in second picture)
Other Items Used:
Eyes: cStar - Dust Eyes (past platinum group gift)
Skin: al vulo!- Easy* merry widow sikly tone (past group gift)
Hair and headband: $GaNKeD$ Lovely Hair in Charcoal (N/A)
Piercings: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed Piercings
Jewelry: lassitude & ennui Opulence pearls

And that concludes the Jack or Jill hunt gifts :DD
Hope you've enjoyed them all :D

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