Monday, March 25, 2013

50 shades of Sexy...Bad Romance!

So I have fallen WAAAAAY behind on the 50 Shades of sexy challenge. RL has been kicking my ass lately with work and most recently.....the flu -.-

So I'm going to do several posts back to back with the 50 shades to see if I can catch up a bit. 

When I think of bad romance, the first thing in my mind is Lady Gaga's "bad romance" and then my mind hops to one of those girls who, the guy and relationship its self are bad, but she can't get away because its so good. Kind of like Three Days Grace "Pain"
Well being as I don't want to do a Lady gaga post (that can get a tad weird, lol) I went with the ....bad romance gone wrong. lets have a back story shall we :D

              They had met each other in a theater class for college, he was her superior class men, a senior to her freshmen. She looked up to him, learned from him...yearned for him to be more then just her "teacher".
One night after class, he asked her out for a few drinks and to talk, she overly obliged. They went to a local wine house and ended up going back to his place where things took a turn for the hot and heavy. It was to be their secret, their after school extra credit in a way. She would try to talk to him during class, flirt with him even, and he would blow her off as just the attention hungry freshmen to hid fellow classmates. Even going as far as to make fun off her crazy ideas. After class, it was the same routine, back to his place for drinks and class play.
This went on for months, when one day he used the relationship as the centerpiece for his senior project, even calling her out as the desperate and used girl seeking nothing but a man's attention. In the end, he graduated and left her alone, saying he would never see her again because she was just a freshmen, she just didn't understand. 
The newspapers roared the next day when they found her body hanging from the rafters in the school theater building, she had committed suicide by hanging, wearing nothing more then the lingerie he had loved so very much and a halo...he always called her his secret angel. Next to to her was a note saying nothing but 
"J'ai ton amour et je veux ton revenge J'ai ton amour".

ANNNNNNND here we go:

The Newspaper article picture
"Local theater up and comer commits suicide." Pg.3 for more

And now the actual picture:

Here I have brought you a fun piece of lingerie that features the Lolas! Tango mesh breasts. 
This outfit is from Pale Empress and is called Elyria and is a past Valentine's Day freebie. Last I checked it was still there!
Hope you liked it :D

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Barbie Girl/Vanilla - Skin Fair 2013 Exclusive (w/appliers)
Shape and lashes: ::MAR:: CS.Doll Shape for hunt (Past hunt gift)
Hair: Exile Artemis/Angel Dust (past gift)
Eyes: adoness: eyes: carrot teal MESH (twisted hunt gift)
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

1.:[:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth) (past group gift)
2. *~{Frick} Cruel Makeup - Teary Eyes (past tainted love hunt gift)

Lingerie: Pale Empress ~ Elyria ~ Valentine ~
Shoes: *MC* Fabulous Heels Shoes

Belly Piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull
Face piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati (past hunt gift)
Neck Piercing: Cute Poison - Vendetta Piercings ((female))
Earrings: Cute Poison - Wing Ear Piercings

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