Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter hunt goodies from Chus!

Chus! has an Easter hunt going on right now and its got some pretty awesome prizes!
All you have to do is find 7 TINY eggs scattered around in side and outside of the store. They are hidden pretty good, pastel colors blend in with the store. The prizes include no longer available items and teh 2 special black and white eggs feature BRAND NEW items!

Here are some of the prizes I have found (I will find you yet Mr.Black egg!)

Pic 1: 
One prize is a bunch of face makeups featuring:
Dollie blush in several colors
Galaxia face paint
gazelle face paint

2 Stripe face paints
Animu blushz

I'm showing the Galaxia and one of the stripes.
Skin: Cstar -Anjelica- warm beige
Hair: .:ARI:.Diana *black*
Eyes: Chus! Beginner Lens  in Rainbow Glitz

Pic 2:
One of the special prizes is the "Bedazziling" makeup sets in several colors. The gift features 5 colors to choose from and multiple ways to wear them. Either Just lips, just cheeks, or both.
I'm showing Coy Cheeks, Sunny lips, and Diamond both.

Pic 3:
One of my favorite prizes is the Pokemon eyes. The gift features 4 types of eyes: Pokeball, Masterball, Greatball, and Ultraball. These eyes are system layer eyes with prim attachments.
I'm showing the Greatball and the Masterball.

Pic 4:
For all you Minecraft lovers out there, there is a prize featuring the beloved creeper!
The gift features, system eyes with attachments  a creeper chair, a bumper for bumping into people like a creeper, and a creeper nose attachment to sound like a creeper!
Pic 5:
Next gift features a Pikachu shirt and chair, and a Kupo shirt :D Both shirts are mesh and come in 3 sizes.
Next is a gift with 7 different sock options with little bow attachments!
here I'm showing the "Sprinkles" pair.

I hope you've enjoyed :D

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