Saturday, March 30, 2013

HAPPY EASTER......and some knitting.

So tomorrow....or even today for some of you, it's EASTER! Happy Easter everyone :D

So, I got word today that there is an Easter weekend hunt, which is Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st, featuring Aux, pink Fuel, Ploom, and Noodles!

The gift for Pink Fuel is an amazing skin, but it is currently not set for sale, hopefully we'll be able to get this sexy skin before time runs out!!  *UPDATE   UPDATE*  The object is now working and you can buy it and get this AMAZING skin! The skin will cost you 5L but totally worth it! *UPDATE   UPDATE*

Aux is offering up 3 gifts for the hunt. A pair of mesh skinny jeans, a mesh slouchy tank and a totally cute mesh Doll dress!
The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes, and with a bow and no bow option. I'm showing the bow option here :D
The pants and tank also come in 5 mesh sizes with an alpha layer.

I found 2 gifts at Ploom, both mesh rainbow colored hair with 2 sizes to choose from.

And noodles is offering up 6 gifts (10L each)! I was only able to find 5, number 3 is still eluding me.....All the gifts are a different color of the bunny ear ring. They attach to your right ring finger, I just moved one to the other fingers to show more then one.

Pink Fuel Skin:

Both pics:
Rings: Noodles - Bunny Ring  (in 5 colors)

First Pic hunt items:
Dress: Auxiliary Doll dress- Peach
Hair: .ploom. Anarin

Second Pic hunt items:
Top: Auxiliary - Slouchy Tank - Oh Deer
Pants: Auxiliary - Skinny Jeans - Ombre Blue/Peach
hair: .ploom. Cynthia

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