Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Its almost Easter time!!

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for Easter to come! I would wait in my Grandmother's house while my Mom, Aunt, and any other relative who wanted in on the action went and hid the eggs ALL over the yard. Most of the time it was the hard boiled eggs painted, but sometimes, it was the plastic ones with candy in them. It was like a mini colorful Christmas!

I remember one Easter my Cousin Sean got in on the action and hid a special egg with not only candy, but a 100$ bill in it...I spend the good part of the day looking for it and successfully found it after much crying to my  Grandmother about how Sean was mean >.<    As I got older, egg hunts were no longer a thing. I was too old, much like trick-or-treating goes out after a certain age (funny how they fail to mention that when your younger!), but then the next thing came. 

It was my turn to be in the kitchen helping the family make Easter dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and small desserts like cookies and little cakes.  

I miss those days v.v   My Grandmother passed in May of last year and it still hits me from time to time, we may have not seen eye to eye all the time, generation gap says my Mom, but she was the one person I could run to and she would help me with anything. What does all this have to do with Second Life you may be asking, well a lot actually.

Since Easter is so close, lots of places have been having Easter egg hunts, or Easter themed items as group gifts. One such place in particular is The Nest sim. they are holding an Easter egg hunt, literally, and there are a TON of household items to be had. I haven't been able to find all of the items as of yet, I'm still looking in between RL and other things. 

I'll be listing the items and who makes them is all, no locations for this, sorry >.<
Everything featured here is from the hunt, except the building, it is a previous hunt gift.

First pic:
Wall plates: wallplates Cleo Desisns
Garden Stool: Zinnias Gardener's Stepstool
Potted plants on top: Zinnias Potted Spring Plants
Small potted plant on bottom: [CIRCA] - "Nature Hill" Marigold Mini Pot - Easter!

Second Pic:
Picture frames on top left: DIGS - Foxglove Frames in 4 colors (spring,wood,green,grey)
Bottom pictures on floor: happy easter Cleo designs
Easter basket on first dresser: [CIRCA] - "Easter Land" - Egg Basket - Multi/Brown
Dressers/desk: -*-Morrigans Closet-*- Mabel Tallboy, Chest of Drawers, Dresser
Bunny on 2nd dresser: .lame - Peter Rabbit Figurine[white]
Teacups on 2nd dresser: [CIRCA] - "Easter Sunday" Teacup - Grass
[CIRCA] - "Easter Sunday" Teacup - Candle Multi1
Wall plates: wallplates Cleo Designs
Lamp on last dresser: .lame - Spring Lamp
Eggs on last dresser: {what next} Eggie - A Good Egg, Fleur, Mister egg, Speggtacles
Table under last dresser: .lame - Spring end table

Third pic:
Large pots on left: [ba] rope-wrapped pot - squat
Chair under desk: [ba] cushioned hexagon stool
Desk: Zigana Drawer table . dark
3 big eggs on right: Star Egg v1.0 WHITE MARBLE, BLACK MARBLE, PINK MARBLE
6 eggs on table: {af} Collector Egg (Oak, mahogany, Italian marble, Ebony, Calamander, walnut)
3 happy easter egg pictures: Alouette - Easter Egg Decor - Blue/Orange, Purple/Orange, Green/Pink
6 small pictures around: +sanctuaire+ postcard collection
Kitchen pictures on right: [EoD] End of Daze - Kitchen Art Set 1

Fourth pic:
Table, teapot, teacups, cake stand: :CheekyPea: Mr. Whiskers set
Chairs on side: [ Organica ] Little Kids' Chair (Red, blue, green,)
Chair at right end: .:SF:. "Colour in Bloom" Accent Chair (African Violet)
Grass: [CIRCA] - "Easter Land" Purple Poppy Field - mini
Easter plate: easter plate Cleo designs

I'll be posting more if I happen to find them :D
I hope you enjoyed!

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