Friday, March 15, 2013

RMK bunny hunt! Pt. 2

Here is part 2 of the hunt, showing the next 13 stores :D

Read part 1 here 

Things used not from hunt:
Shoes (when used): *MC* Fabulous Heels - Full Collection
Hair: ::Exile:: Hair fair gift: 1
Skin W/ Appliers: al vulo- Ramona* femme fatale blonde brow fairy
Eyes: 90 Degrees Eyes - SSH Blue Star
nails: Manicured Claws - Size 0 Hands
Lips: [:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth)
Ears: Ears:  SouthPaw # 1 - Naturals 2 (plain) (group gift)

Pic 1: RMK #18

Cheshire cat female and male
This gift features a male and a female prize! female prize is a mesh dress in 2 sizes, alpha layer and addons.
The male gift comes with mesh dress in 1 sizes, alpha layer and addons and pants.
Pic 2: Tomato #19
Alice and Hifu Alice 2 gifts
This gift contains 2 separate gifts. The first being a kimono with lots of add ons. Icluding shoes, headband, mesh skirt in 3 sizes and more!
The second gift is a white dress with prim attachments.

Pic 3: Lo'Momo #21
Lunetta Alice dress
This gift features a mesh dress in 4 sizes and an alpha layer

Pic 4: Galette #23
Cheshire cat outfit
This gift features an entire outfit! It includes, pants, stockings, mesh vest in 5 sizes, add-ons, and more.

Pic 5: Sakide #24
Queen Outfit
This gift features an entire outfit with multiple ways to wear it. Features include base layer clothing, prim attachments, and a lolas tango applier.

Pic 6: T&C #25
Queen of hearts hair and poses
This gift features Queen of heart's hair (scripted and un scripted versions), and several different poses! (outfit from Sakide #24) featured pose: Queen of hearts

Pic 7: ROA #26
Eat me Lingerie
This gift features base layer clothing, prim bows, and stockings. Featured pose: Alice

Pic 8: Air #20
Air Fleur Alice
This gift features a set of bracelets and a collar. Featured Pose: Cheshire cat

Pic 9: Soup #16 
Alice's rabbit
This gift features a stuffed prim rabbit for you to hold. Featured Pose: Dodo

Pic 10: DDD #17
Fairy tale book Alice
This gift features 3 different books. 1 for wear when AFK, when not AFK, and one to rez for decoration!

Pic 11: WTG #2
Checkmate Jeweled nails
This gift features nails with a re-sizing hud, a hud to turn the nails and rings on and off. Featured pose: the Duchess

Pic 12:La Petite Fluer #9
Break from hunting set
This set includes 2 chairs and a lamp in the Alice theme. Featured Pose: White Rabbit

 This concludes my review on the RMK bunny hunt! Hope you have enjoyed :D

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