Thursday, March 14, 2013

RMK Gothic bunny hunt! Pt. 1

It's baaaaaaaaack.....RMK Gothic sim is having the bunny hunt once again. An Alice in wonderland themed hunt featuring 26 awesome vendors with amazing gifts, hours of fun, and trade-able tickets to make your collecting easier! There is also a rare GOLD ticket usable for ANY store participating in this hunt!
I managed, after several long hours....and days >.> to complete my collection except for the rare gold ticket.
Here I'll be showing you what you can get as the gift and who it's by.


Read here for more details on how to get started!
Explaining the bunnies and how they work

Things used not from hunt:
Shoes (when used): *MC* Fabulous Heels - Full Collection
Hair: ::Exile:: Hair fair gift: 1
Skin W/ Appliers: al vulo- Ramona* femme fatale blonde brow fairy
Eyes: 90 Degrees Eyes - SSH Blue Star
nails: Manicured Claws - Size 0 Hands
Lips: [:ME:] Demi Lips (Goth Red w/ Teeth)
Ears: Ears:  SouthPaw # 1 - Naturals 2 (plain) (group gift)

First off, you get this awesome free outfit to wear when your hunting around. Each card is different, and it helps with the lag! Its given to you when you first enter the starting area.
Pic 1: Lika House #1
Bunny Bunny gift
This gift features mesh shorts,alpha layer, ears, prim attachments and a shirt on base layers.
Pic 2: Dimbula Rose #3
Alice's Summer Dress
This gift features base layer clothing, prim skirt, bow, and purse.
Pic 3: 1MM #4
Peplum dress
This gift features a mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha layer, and prim ribbon for your hair.
Pic 4: Blue Blood #5
Drink me dress
This gift features 2 dresses in 5 mesh sizes and an alpha layer.
Pic 5: Curious Kitties #6
Kittenz Wonderland Bunny Avatar 
This gift features a full mesh bunny avatar, complete with hair, bikini, and huds.
pic 6: Ambrosia #7
Bunny girl red
This gift features a mesh corset in 5 sizes, several add ons, stockings and prim skirt.
Pic 7: Wretched Dollies #8
Bunny Dress
This gift features base layer clothing and a prim skirt, sleeves and collar.
Pic 8: WEG (World's end garden) #10
Alice Another II
This gift features a mesh dress in 5 sizes and a n alpha layer.
Pic 9: Nudolu #11
Pull relax en laine Wonderland
This gift features a mesh sweater in 5 sizes and 2 alpha layers. (panties from gift #7)
Pic 10: NV #12
Jah Pants Tartan
This gift features mesh pants for both men and women in 4 sizes each and an alpha layer.(shirt from gift #11)
Pic 11: C.A. #13
Anica Alice
This gift features a mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha layer, and an applier for lolas tangos.
Pic 12: Sheep Door #14
This gift features mesh pants for both girls and guys in 3 sizes a mesh tail , alpha layers, and the bottom half of Alice as a necklace.
Pic 13: Dreaming Maiden #15
Maiden McTwisp
This gift features an entire outfit! Including hat, pants, mesh jacket in 5 sizes, and many add-ons!
This concludes part 1!

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