Friday, April 26, 2013

Arielle, for aeva/heartsick

A lot of times through the hustle and bustle of Real life and Second Life, we lose sight of what really matters. 
I'm talking about the people.
Those that touch us in more ways then one. if it's in real life, it's a smile, a handshake, a happy hello.
In Second Life, things aren't so different. It's the friendly people you run into, the sudden HI! you get from a random person, the creators and the amazing merchandise they put out.

Recently it came across one of my groups that a creator was having troubles. Her computer is dying, and dying fast. She, like most of us, uses SL as a form of release from the pain of reality. As a form of expression, a form of reaching out. 
She sent out a notecard explaining everything in detail as to what was happening and if it couldn't be fixed, she would have to shut down her store. She wouldn't be able to design any new merchandise, and not be able to provide help for her current items. 
I was saddened by all of this. 
Her creations are amazing and detailed and she is such a sweetheart. The group gifts, generous beyond belief and gorgeous.
I wasn't they only one saddened by this, many people, groupies and people all around, stepped up and decided to help. A donation box, and a fundraiser have been set up to help save the falling.

I am talking about Aeva/Heartsick.
Amesha Jewell is an amazing designer in SL, her work is stunning 190% of the time. She is a sweetheart and whenever you need help, she is amazing at it. 
Her skins are stunning and reasonably priced and more detailed then some I have seen for thousands of Lindens. 
From May 1st - May 14th, 2013, there will be a benefit for Amesha Jewell to raise enough money to buy a brand new computer so she can continue to grace SL with her work.

You can read more here:

She recently placed out her newest group gift, Arielle. 
This skin set comes in 9 skin tones (0-8), is detailed to look like jewels all around your face. The gift includes not only 9 skins, an eyebrow shaper, a shape, mesh feet, makeup layer lashes, and so much more!
 It is stunning!

I present to you,


Skin/Mesh feet: A // Arielle ~ Tone 2 // Gemstone [Mid Cleavage] (Current GG, free to join)
Shape/Lashes: ::mar::CS. Doll Shape and lashes (past Hunt gift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair - Crystal Pink (Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: BF . Eyes . Glacial ~ Purple (sample color) (on marketplace)
Ears:  Wood Elf Ears L - {Gypsy/Flower} (Past GG)
Nails: ...::: Scrub :::... Fuchsia Nails (Gacha prize, 30L)
Tattoo: HS : There is no Fate (BW stars) (dollarbie on the desk)
Silks (including jewelry): Deviance - Arcane Dancer Silks - Gold (Past GG)
Belly piercing: [ S H O C K ] Spikes & Skull - Belly Piercings(Marketplace)

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