Thursday, April 25, 2013

Castas and Image Essentials

 Winter had fallen on the small village of Castas, meaning that another year has come and gone since the last time she had seen her family. 
"They have been gone for far too long." She spoke softly into the wind. 
One of the horses behind her puffed a sigh. 
"I wish I could see them once more Morkadi, just one more hug and a good-bye." She said gracefully brushing the horses's hair from its face.

She looked out over her small piece of land, snow stuck to the ground, clung to the trees. it was getting colder as the days progressed on. Hers was one of the only places left standing after the seizures.
Men came from the great lands to take land for payment, for  compensation to the king keeping them safe. Her family fought hard for this land, and when the smoke cleared the king personally killed her parents and siblings, leaving only her to take care of the property. The king took her in as his own, raised her into a princess. 
She would later in life become his Queen, his wife.

She wasn't dressed for this type of weather, barefoot and standing in the snow.
Her mother would be yelling at her to put her robes on, her father, would have thrown a cloak at her....
But they weren't here anymore. 

She let out a deep sigh and walked over to her favorite spot as a child, the gazebo. it still had two of the benches left, but everything else was gone. The table she had her first kiss at, the string lights that wrapped around the outer places. Now only a single lantern hung there. 

She smiled as she heard her son come running up through the tree branches, it was time to go back to the castle.
She blew a kiss in to the wind and a single tear fell to the ground as she turned and headed towards her son, leaving her childhood home once again.

Image Essentials is having a photo contest for April. If you don't know who/what IE is, it is an in world photo place that is free to use and is covered in places to take pictures. I have used them frequently to blog and to photo shoot.  

The April destination is:
The Winter Barn    


- BEST RAW SHOT   (must be a snapshot)
- BEST EDITED SHOT  (anything that is sent as a texture that was imported into SL is classed as a texture)

Here are my photos :D


Submitted for the raw contest. 
Submitted for the Edited contest

Skin: Wild Elf Female - Skin (GG from Niekra's Dreams) 
Feet:Ladies Tip Toe Bare Feet Vanilla (Marketplace Freebie)
Shape/Lashes: ::mar::CS. Doll Shape and lashes (past hunt gift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair - Crystal azure (Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: [Plastik]VaeColl.-Fool (past hunt gift)
Nails:! Lyla ! -  Mesh Nail (here)
Ears: Wood Elf Ears L - {Gypsy/Flower} (GG)

Makeup: [mock]Hypershine Lipcolor [lip 2] Raspberry Wine (GG)

Silks (includes anklets, armbands, belly button cover, and more not shown) **Angelwing** Oasis Silks Champagne ( Past MM prize)

Necklace: lassitude & ennui - The queen's gambit - necklace, gold / red (past Cinema event exclusive)
Piercings: .:ellabella:. Sweet Release set (past hunt gift)


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