Monday, April 15, 2013

Designer review: Nearly Naked Designs!

I like finding new designers, or new designers to me. One designer in particular is Nearly Naked Designs. Owned by the sweet , she is beginning with the Lolas! tangos trend and making some super cute outfits and offering up some free yummies! She also makes shapes and other non - tango clothing. She also says she will be doing mesh clothing and would one day like to do a male clothing line as well :D
The only thing in her store that is over 99L are the fatpacks, so those on a Linden budget can get some yummies as well!

First up, I'll show you some of the frees and then some of the not frees.

First up is her newest free for everyone, "Boobs, not bombs". This shirt was made for the disaster today in Boston, MA. I totally agree, people should be loving on boobs instead of bombing innocent marathon runners!! I paired it here with a pair of cute panties, but it can be worn with anything!
The shirt comes on a shirt layer with an applier for Tangos.
The next dollarbie is called "Cute pink top with applier" and it really is cute! It comes on jacket layer only and includes a Tango applier. I've matched it here with some shorts, but it could be worn with anything!
The in-world group is free to join and there is a freebie EVERY week! This week's freebie is called "cute white top with tango applier" and it is so adorable! it comes on Jacket layer only and has a Tangos applier as well.  I've matched it here with a pair of basic mesh jeans, but it could be worn with anything!
Next up is another dollarbie shirt called "pink shirt". Its a cute dressy shirt, but can be worn casually if you were so inclined. I comes on a jacket layer with a Tango applier. I have paired it here with a mesh skirt, but it can be worn with anything!

Next up is a bikini. Simply called "bikini" It is a simple yet scrumptious bikini! It is 50$L and comes on pants and shirt layer with a Tangos Applier. I paired it with some sunglasses and a Kindle :D
And last but not least is a full outfit called "Rawr". This outfit is super sexy and features shirt, skirt, shoes, fishnet stockings, a collar, and a Tango applier. 
Rawr indeed when I think of this outfit! 
This outfit will cost you 99$L but is totally worth every Linden!
This concludes my review of the designer "Nearly Naked Designs". I hope you all have enjoyed my review and I wish IcyNevah the best of luck with her adventure!
P.S. All the pictures except the last one were taken on the store sim!

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