Monday, April 22, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013- fantasy, fun, and finds.

Fantasy Faire is always an awesome event to happen in SL. It features hundreds, upon thousands of designers from all over the grid to make fantasy themed items for out enjoyment. Not only that, it helps one of the best causes in the world, Relay For Life. Both my Aunt and my Grandmother were affected by breast cancer, both survived, but both lost breasts to it. I love the Relay For Life and help out whenever I can. weather it be through Second Life, or through Real life. I'll be showing you some of the items I purchased from the Relay vendors, and some fun things, also some hidden areas, I think EVERYONE should check out!

First off, don't forget to pick up the FREE low lag skin/hair sets offered up by the Plastik this year when you first enter the faire. They even have clothes painted right on to the bodies for easy wear!

Nobody likes a lag maker!!!!

As much as I love the Fantasy Faire, there tends to be lots of lag in the beginning and sometimes near the end of it. So while I look at he magnificently beautiful Sims and all the amazing designs, I also go off the path and look for hidden spots, spots that not a lot of people find because they think everything is right where it is.

There will also be a hunt this year called the Key of Hope hunt. Not sure what the detailing is on that, but it will cost to play, has a WHOLE SIM dedicated to it (Valley of Ish'Nar), and has over 75 prizes to collect in the end. It starts on the 23rd of April and will be available to play for a WHOLE month after the faire closes!! (in fact you can't even get onto the Sim at this time, it is completely blocked off, and there is no flying there at the moment.)
But, with some tactical adventuring I was able to kind of see what the Sim looks like and it is GORGEOUS!! 

The first spot on our list is located in the DragonSpire.
This hidden area boasts an "Egyptian"- Esq door that when clicked it slides open and reveals a room full of giant crystals, a water fall, and several "nests".
 The Door
And the area. The red circle is one of the nests.

These nests are clickable and give you an egg. upon wearing the egg for 1 hour, it will hatch into a new baby pet (not sure what, but I'm guessing its a dragon). The flavor text when clicking the nest is also, interesting:
This nest contains some funny eggs that might hatch something good (or make a good omelet). You can only take one, though, so make sure to check your inventory!

There is also a cave at the very top of the DragonSpire Sim, on the surface. Inside there are piles of gold, gems, and treasure chests along with lots of crystals and what I have inspected to be a smoke dragon. There is nothing here (yet) but it is really pretty!

Next up is the hidden area in Magnificat.
This area is trough a couple of dark hallways underneath and features a grand piano and some music. While I was there, I ran into one of the people running the faire, I was told that the faire is a place for everyone to explore and enjoy :D
So don't feel bad if you find a hidden place!
This place is great for photo-ops.

In the next area of Titans Hollow, its not really a hidden place, but a HUGE person! Known as a Colossi, this is a real avatar (Ceri Quixote to be exact) walking around the Titan's Hollow area. I LOVE the see through floors on this Sim!

Over in the town of Lumenaria, there is a small blue door looking area that does nothing when clicked, but when you sit in it, you can pose for a "frozen" in ice picture! There are several poses to play with and you just hit the stand button and you can easily get out of it. The Colossi has also been spotted sitting on the Colossi shop!

The hidden area in the Crimson Fields is actually through a prop in one of the stores. In the MeadowWorks building you will find a Greek looking archway that is blackened out. It has stairs covered by roses and when you walk through the black, you are introduced to a very nice flowery, springy field!

Another place in the Crimson Fields are the towers. Located in several spots on the Sim, these towers boast different things. the first one is of a tower on the main path, at the very top there is a door and it opens up into a caged area. Its as if its a viewing spot for a caged beauty.

The tower in the middle of the field has a small blessing bath in the middle. It doesn't do anything (yet) but looks really well made.

Also, lets not forget, the Crimson fields its self is an awesome picture taking place!

Along the way I found some great little picture taking places among one of the shops. I can't remember what the name of the place was, but it was on the Evensong Woods Sim and had this awesome snow globe to sit it. It had several poses in it and looked really cute!
Also in Evensong woods (reminds me of Eversong Woods in World of Warcraft) Is a balcony area above all the other little houses. Would be great for a "gathering" or "wedding" Photo op.
Up the next ramp is a hidden multi-color leaf. When touched, it does nothing (yet), but it looks nice. This could have something to do with the hunt later on.
In the middle of one of the tree ramps, there is a crystal hanging above a fence area. you can sit in the crystal and there are several poses inside! Great for the "locked away villain" photos!

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