Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fantasy Faire buys, worth EVERY Linden!

So after my adventure with Dim Sum, I headed back and started choosing which items I would be buying this year. There are SO many items to choose from, that one person could spend thousands upon thousands (and some do!) on buying just the the RFL items alone.

I put myself on a budget and decided to buy only things I would wear/use all the time versus things that would sit in my inventory and rot until I remembered I had bought them.

First off, I am a sucker for ANYTHING Sakide puts out.
I have a bazillion things from this store, free and not free. The texturing on the clothing is amazing and very detailed, and the prices are reasonable! 
This year at Fantasy Faire, Sakide has 9 different RFL exclusives to pick from! 

  1. The mesh Ryu corset in black/black and black/purple featuring dragon embroidery, laced front and back.
  2.  The mesh Hakari skirt in black with a color change belt (comes with hud).
  3. Rigged mesh Appeal Thigh Boots in Black Velvet with Dragon embroidery (for matching with the corsets).
  4. The mesh Blush dress in black/purple and black/white with flower embroidery.
  5. Non-rigged mesh Hebi Pumps in leather and snake with spikes. HUD to change the spikes between 12 metal colors or to hide them. The HUD includes a resizer for the shoes as well. 

I wanted to buy everything! But alas, my pocket book said otherwise v.v
So I chose the black/purple Ryu corset and the Hakari skirt! I knew I would wear these 2 items regularly and enjoyed how they looked the best.

Name: [ SAKIDE ] Ryu Corset Purple
Name: [ SAKIDE ] Hakari Skirt

Cost: $120L each
 I paired these with one of the necklaces featured at Ni.Ju. 
Ni.Ju is offering up bottled Shard necklaces in several awesome colors and one of the exclusive colors is Ultra violet. Everything but the shard itself is color changeable. It comes in a male and female option.
Name: [ni.Ju] Shard Necklace . purple
Cost: $149L
Next is the hair. Coming from Wasabi Pills, we have 3 colors in a pack to choose from 
Crystal Pink, Crystal Azure, Crystal Violet
These hairs are mesh and are rigged. They also come with a boobs option for those of us with tangos and also a makeup layer. Here are the Azure and the Pink, the Purple is what i'm wearing in all the other shots.
Name: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair - RFL2013
Cost: $150L

I also picked up a jewelry set from Two cats, one cup. The jewelry set is a clear glass elixir bottle in both earrings and a necklace. It comes with two necklaces, one on a brown leather cord and one on black leather cord.
Name: c ( TC ) Elixir Jewelry - RFL
Cost: $125L

The other thing I picked up fromt his store is a set of clear glass sword earrings called  "The Touche earrings".
Name: c( TC ) Touche Earrings - RFL
Cost: $125L

Something I got from one of the gachas there was this awesome eye patch! For only 50 Linden a play you can get one of several colors to wear around and look piratey!
Name: AZE Pirate Eye Patch - Prissy Purple (L) Womens' (wear)
Cost: $50L

Other items used:
Skin: [Chloe] Skin Carol
Shape/lashes: ::mar::CS. Doll Shape and lashes
Eyes: .ID. Reflections / Free Pair / Sunset
Nails: ! Lyla ! -  Mesh Nail 
Feet: Ladies Tip Toe Bare Feet Vanilla (free on marketplace)
piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati
Bracelet: :[P]:-Friendship Twist-Mono
1.[:ME:] Demi Lips (Red w/ Teeth)
 Tattoo: Tenjin Every Rose Has its Thorn Tattoo

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