Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Aeva/Heartsick. An event, a fundraiser, a way to say WE CARE! Pt. 1

  The Fundraiser for Amesha Jewell is less than 24 hours away!
Which means, there is a lot of running around to make sure everything is right. Vendors correcting their last minute placements, scripts being checked over and over again to make sure things go smoothly for those buying the goodies. Bloggers frantically gathering the review copies (if they can get them) to show off the wonderful items they have set out to help this amazing designer. 

I am one of those bloggers!!

It came to me as a surprise when I was told yes after I applied for the "position" if you will. I have never blogged anything this major...ever. I do my own reviews with things I have bought, this is the first time I asked for review copies and...merchants are really really super nice and willing to help you out!

ut enough about my "OMG...SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" moments and more about what everyone came for...

There are 40 vendors helping out in this event. That means 40 + items to be bought up to help out Amesha. Not only in-world vendors, but some only on the marketplace have helped out as well.
Each special item is sold for 100 Linden, with 75%-100% of the proceeds going to Amesha. I will be showing the items from each vendor together.

Here is Pandemic, Adore & Abohor, and Sakide!

     Vendor: ..:{*Pandemic*}:...
Creator: Pandora Edwyn

                             Bouquet Tropical Black for petites (with Tango applier)
                               Bouquet Tropical White for petites (with Tango applier)
                                      Bouquet Tropical Black (with Tango applier)
                                       Bouquet Tropical white (with Tango applier)


Vendor:  Adore & Abhor

Creator: Airedine Poe and Sileny Noel

Heartsick Necklaces (9 colors, Mesh)
Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink
 Green shown

Vendor: [ SAKIDE ]
Creator: Kinu Mayako

Somrig Dress (3 colors, Mesh)

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