Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Aeva/Heartsick. An event, a fundraiser, a way to say WE CARE! PT. 2

Round 2 of the event creators. They have put out many fabulous, gorgeous items to grab up!
Next up is Context and Girlicious!

There are 40 vendors helping out in this event. That means 40 + items to be bought up to help out Amesha. Not only in-world vendors, but some only on the marketplace have helped out as well.
Each special item is sold for 100 Linden, with 75%-100% of the proceeds going to Amesha. I will be showing the items from each vendor together.

Vendor: [Context]
Creator: Kennef Riggles

Deep scoop halter dress (Mesh, color change with HUD, 6 colors)
Keyes Club Top Patterns Set #1 (Mesh, color change with HUD, 6 colors)
(pants not included)
Sans Souci Tee Shirt Set Nerdy Set  (Mesh, Shirt change with HUD, 5 choices)
(Pants not included)

Vendor: Girlicious
Creator: Louine Dover

Spring Dress (Mesh, color change with HUD, 10 colors)

Helen Cardigan Charcoal (Mesh)

Daisys Pumps (Mesh, skin color change with HUD)
Fuchsia, Pink, Violet, Yellow (each color sold separately)

Krist Pumps Black (Mesh, skin color change through HUD)
Leopard Shoes (Mesh, skin and shoe color change with HUD, 8 colors)
Yummi Bag (mesh, worn on right hand, color change with HUD, 9 colors)

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