Monday, April 1, 2013

Get your pose swag in Hollywood pt 1

The Event Hollywood kicked off a few days ago and lets just say its been packed like Hollywood ever since!
I was finally able to make it onto the Sim and retrieve the gratuitous amounts of free swag bags, after 5 crashes >.<
Usually at events a handful of stores have freebies, maybe even cheapies, but at this event all but 4 stores had a "swag bag" of free yumminess! Oh, and the Sim is wonderfully made! Complete with the theater, star walk of fame, and many many buildings, it looks like Hollywood shopping central!

I'll be showcasing all the freebies I retrieved, even the guys stuff, because sometimes guys stuff looks awesome on chicks lol!

Another event going on is the Pose Fair. Again, another amazing event boasting poses from lots of designers for those of us who just can't get enough! Also offering up lots of free and cheap poses for the sparse linden holder, these poses are great for any collection and/or those of us who need some bounce in our poses.Several places have put out gachas, and as everyone knows, No ONE can pass up a gacha!  I'll be using some of the poses I found during this post.
I also found some really unique poses that I will be posting up. These are poses that I thought were exceptionally awesome or unique....or both! and if I had the linden, I would buy the hell out of them! :D

Pic 1 Hollywood event items:
Dress: .:: ANGELDUST ::. Groupie Mini Dress (with tango applier)
pants: ORQUIDEA Animal Print Leather Pants
Shoes: :{MV}: Damask Heels
Sunglasses: ::ZED:: Mesh Sunglasses, B&W Reflection
Earrings: ::DBL:: Ms. Hepburn Earrings
Necklace: Graffitiwear Feathered Mayan Pendant
Hat: sf design Brando cap colour change
Bracelet: Glamdammit - Little Hearts bracelet
Featured Pose fair pose: *EverGlow* - Free Male Pose 1 (comes with 4 poses)

Pic 2 Hollywood Event items:
Hair: Miss C. - Kate_Blonde (comes in a gift of several colors)
Dress: [R]_Allure_Marilyn_Mini_Dress_(Mesh-Sweet-Hearts) (comes in several sizes and with a rose)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Gift Paparazzi III Rd Set
Bag: I SVART I Jennifer Bag - Red Leather
Sunglasses: ::GB::Zebra Sunglasses(white)
Shoes: *Epic* Mesh Glitter Heels - Silver
Featured Pose fair pose: Sweet Sacrifice ~ Easy to fall (1L, several to choose from)

Pic 3 Hollywood Event items:
Dress: GizzA - Hollywood Gift
Hair: Miss C. - Kate_Black
Shape: Laq Alva
Eyes/beauty mark: ANGELINA  - MULHOLLAND
Fur sole: Lana Fur Stole 1
Necklace: PP - Fleur de la Mer Collar
Earrings: VINTAGE JEWELS - Hollywood earring
Featured Pose fair pose: { dollipops } * feelin' like p.diddy. (From { dollipops } * a different drum. [ pose pack ] for 20L)

Pic 4 Hollywood Event items:
Dress: G&T Creations Hollywood Gown
Accessories/earrings/makeup: VIOLATOR-Haute Punk-Gold-Unisex Earrings
Necklace: AIDORU "CUFFED" bling necklace for him special for HOLLYWOOD!
Shape: MD*The Perfect 10 Shape/Styling guide for WOMEN
Hair: Miss C. - Kate_Red
Eyes: *Birth* Shiva Eyes - Golden Fire (Larger) (comes in a pack of A LOT of different colors and iris sizes)
Bracelet: House Of Dragovar Men's Tower Bracelet Set, gold (comes in a set of 2, gold and steel)
Featured Pose fair pose: Dream Print - Lunchtime Rebellion pose 1 (freebie)(comes in a pack of 3 poses and 3 pose balls)

Pic 5 Hollywood Event items:
Shape: MD**Parole Shape/Styling For MEN
Makeup layer: Egoisme VIVIDTONE Alessandro Medium Hair (comes with shape)
Shoes: (Hawkers house)Pineapple Bay Men's Mesh Slip On Bobs Navy (comes in a set with the shirt and pants)
Pants:(Hawkers house) Gentleman Jack Men's Mesh Diamond Jeans Faded (comes in a set with the shirt and shoes)
Top:(Hawkers house) Gentleman Jack Men's Mesh Hoodie Tee Navy Stripe (comes in a set with the pants and shoes)
Watch: [FIEND] Pirates of Hollywood - mens watch *resize* (also comes with a purse)
Ipad case: {{BSD Design Studio}}my  Ipad case- orange (comes in 2 styles)
Skin: Alessandro Pale Brown Bald (several options to choose from, also has makeup layers)
Eyes: Amacci ~ Branch Green Image Eyes - Big (comes in a pack of several colors and prim sparkle attachments)
Shelf: Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Bookshelf (TE)
Featured Pose fair pose: HelaMiyo_Dandy6 (pose pack of 2 for 1L)

Pic 6 Hollywood Event items:
Eyes: Adjunct - Seeing Stars - Brown 9comes in a pack of several colors)
Ipad case: {{BSD Design Studio}}my ipad case- feather (comes in 2 styles)
Outfit: PeKaS Urban Joe
Shoes: (Hawkers house)Pineapple Bay Men's Mesh Slip On Bobs Navy (comes in a set with the shirt and pants)
Featured Pose fair pose: Sweet Sacrifice ~ I'll let ya film me (1L, many to choose from)

Pic 8 Hollywood Event items:
Dress: LMD Elise Sweetheart Gown Swag Bag Gift(mesh)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:.*AURELIA hair- silver /blonde (part of gift)
Earrings: {me.} Diva Wood Earrings (wear) (color change hud included)
Featured Pose fair pose: Poise Pirate Freebies Pirate 6 (comes in a pack of several)

Pic 9 Hollywood Event items:
Dress: PeKaS Urban Leire white (Mesh, several sizes, can be worn several ways)
Featured Pose fair pose://elephante poses// Dive (comes in a pack with 2 other sets)

Pic 10 Hollywood Event items:
Corset: [R]_Stink_Pretty_Opium_Corset_(M-Gradient)
pants: [R]_Allure_Devious_Laced_Leather_Pants_(Black) (Comes with shoes)
Featured Pose fair pose: Poise_Charisma_2 (BIG boxes of freebies)

Pic 11 Hollywood Event items:
Top: 1 Hundred. Vanity Top. Pink (Mesh)
pants: [R]_Allure_Devious_Laced_Leather_Pants_(Black) (Comes with shoes)
Featured Pose fair pose: { dollipops } * to the point. (set for 20L)

Pic 12 Hollywood Event items:
pants: [R]_Allure_Devious_Laced_Leather_Pants_(Black) (Comes with shoes)
Featured Pose fair pose: +Mab+ SitSide (Pay what you want set)

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