Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pose fair 2013, the poses that caught my eye :D

Nothing for free here or anything for the linden conscious! These are some of the poses that caught my eye and made me say "wow, that's neat!"

First up, we have the AMAZING Applespice!  Made by the very talented Jasmine Applespice, these poses are awesome! The first one is called "Girl Fight" and features a 2 person pose with a knife. Spose you could use it as a guy fight pose too! This pose can be yours for only $250L.
The other poses she offers, which the skull is my personal favorite, are more intricate and detailed! A lot of work went into these to make just the right look!
The middle pose is called "Skull Bodies" and is amazingly done! It will run you $400L but is completely worth it! The pose on the left is called "Super Fight", for those times when super heroes just can't agree! It will cost you $250L to own this awesome pose. and the last pose on the right is called" Wishing you well". Another great pose for that unique touch to any get together picture! it will cost you $350L to own this magnificent piece :D

Next up we have "Life is a roller coaster" by Hopscotch. This awesome pose prop has a ton of poses built into it and is amazingly done! For only $400L you too can have a roller coaster pose prop for those days that are just....roller coastery! (Yes that is me in the one on the left >.>)
Next up is the Fennix store. Fennix busted out onto the scene with the breedable and battle ready Fennix pets. These adorable pets are something unique and oh so cute! Well, if you've always wanted to be able to cuddle with a life size Fennix, here is your chance! For only $95L you can own one of 6 different colors in the Fennix lounger line! I really love the bright green one :D

Moving on we have Juxtapose's "Stellar" prop. This prop has 20 poses to choose form and the star strings are color changeable into 14 different colors! For $425L you can have a starry colorful prop for your next photo shoot!

We now have a pose prop from Diesel Works. Diesel works. The "Debutante chaisse" is $1100L, features  25 different poses, and can change 8  different colors! It's amazingly crafted and would look good in any household setting or prop house!

For the final prop piece we have an adult themed set. oOo studios brings us the "Tantra chair full set" for $1500L. This set includes lots of poses and 2 chair colors, black and red. Separates can be purchased for $250L each and feature only one chair a piece, the black chair only. The poses are amazingly done and look great when used! If you are looking for a sexy addition to your bedroom or any other room for that matter, I would def go for the full set!
The next item is not a pose prop like a chair or anything like that. It's actually a Hula hoop! Decoy has brought us" hoopin", a hula hoop pose with a prop for awesome show offs! At $275L each, and a variety of colors to choose from, this is a great pose to show off those moves and hips don't lie actions :D

I hope you've enjoyed my review of some of the more awesome products featured at the Pose Fair 2013!
Thank you for reading!

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