Monday, May 27, 2013

Bad Kitty!

So I logged in today to try and finish my blog from Yesterday after blogger decided to eat the damn thing and.....cStar has realeased 2 NEW skins!!! 
 Say hello to the Panther skins:

So as the poster states, these are LIMITED skins and damn are they gorgeous! 
I managed to get both in one night! They are not cheap skins, they are hand made with lots of love from Jasmine (the awesome creator)! They stand out from all the other skins out there and will make you look your best in your kitty form...or even as something else!
Both of these skins come with Tango appliers so you can have the best looking boobies with the skins!

The Platinum group is 1000L$ to join. It's not cheap but, you get A LOT when you join it. Such as:
  1. Access to the members ONLY lucky board. This board is highly camped when new skins are released, so there is never a lot of waiting for your letter to pop up. They are always filled with awesome and new skins, sometimes with HUNDREDS of skins up for grabs.
  2. 30 skins automatically for joining. That's right, 30 different skins for just joining the group. Called the Unico skins, these skin packs come with not only skins, but nails, horns, lashes, and a pantheon of other things.
  3. AWESOME PEOPLE! The people in this group are awesome, they are helpful when needed and always have an opinion on things. You'll make a lot of friends joining this group!
  4. Skins are tradeable inside the group. You have an extra skin that you no longer want? Here is a list of people that might be looking for it. Need that last skin to complete your collection? Here, another list of people who might have it. Just pop your list in the group and watch the people go crazy!
  5. And last but not least, member only gifts. Lots of times things are thrown at you for the hell of it. Like a corset set from a hunt, members only version though! Those member only skins are freaking sexy as hell!

So here are my Ebony and Ivory Panthas!




Shape/Lashes: ::mar::CS. Doll Shape and lashes (past Hunt gift)
Hair: *Alice Project* Disna Black Lust(Sinister Goth hunt item, free)
Skin: cStar Limited - Black Panther Skin (free with 500L$ or more purchase)
Eyes: ~*ByS*~ Wolven Eyes (Dilated Feral color) (past hunt gift, Marketplace)
Hands: *Epic Dollarbie* Rigged Mesh Damned Demon Hands (past free)
Boobies: Lolas! tangos
Paws: Puppy - Puppy Paws (Marketplace Item) (tinted black)
Tail:: {Lemon Tea} Somali Neko Tail (tinted black)

1.: cStar - Lips Gloss 082




Shape/Lashes: ::mar::CS. Doll Shape and lashes (past Hunt gift)
Hair: GOTZSCHE Hair. Elizabeth - Omega (past hair fair gift)
Skin: cStar Limited - Snow Panther Skin (free for Platinum group members, Lucky Board, 1000L$ join fee)
Eyes: ~*ByS*~ Wolven Eyes (Dilated Arctic color) (past hunt gift, Marketplace)
Nails: Puppy - Manicured Claws (Marketplace item)
Boobies: Lolas! tangos
Ears: Sassy Kitty Designs - Sassy Angel white (past hunt gift, N/A)
Paws: Puppy - Puppy Paws (Marketplace Item)(tinted white)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Somali Neko Tail (tinted white)

1.: cStar - Lips Gloss 082
2.: *LpD* - Black Strong Kajal (past free)

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