Thursday, May 2, 2013

For Aeva/Heartsick. An event, a fundraiser, a way to say WE CARE! PT. 4

Part four of my coverage of the For Aeva//Heartsick event leads us into more fabulous designs, from fabulous designers!

I have to thank the designers for everything they are doing for this fundraiser. It helps out so much and  knowing that there are people out there who care enough to help you! 

In the post you will see things from:
AlaskaMetro, Orc Inc.,and Even Flow, 

Vendor: AlaskaMetro
Creator: Alaska Metropolitan
Separate Cyber necklaces in pink/orange and cyan/blue.
Alexa flats in Limited edition colors metallic Aquamarine and Tourmaline.

Vendor: Orc Inc.
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Multiple monster poses for Harpy (5) and Dance of the dead (5).
Slink toenail and fingernail glitter add on packs. (I currently don't have any Slink items so I can't show these.)

Vendor: Even Flow
Creator:  Pamela22 Igaly and Yingythingy Resident
 Lucy Dress in blue (Mesh)
Mini skirt black with black belt (Mesh)
Mini skirt blue with brown belt (Mesh)
Rockabilly baby Dress in black (Mesh)

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