Friday, June 28, 2013

Atooly Hunts, Fist pump With the Best Hunt 3! Information post.

 The Fist Pump With the Best hunt is in it's 3rd round!
If you have ever done the Fist Pump Hunt , then you know that the gifts are AMAZING! If you have never done this hunt, then now is the time to start! And this time around, it should be even better because the theme is great!

Some things you should know:
the hunt starts on July 1st and runs until July 26th.
Atooly Hunts has brought you this hunt, aren't they great!
The theme for this hunt is 'Something You Love The Most
What this means is the store owners pick an item they adore to pieces and use it as their hunt gift. 
You will be looking for a small round puck with Fist Pump With the Best hunt on it.
There will be a total of  42 stores in the hunt.
You will be starting HERE at Atooly
Your hunt will end HERE at Sympatika
The hints and other information will be HERE.
Rockstarroo Gossipgirl or Kyla Fraenkel are the hunt organizers, all questions and concerns should go to them and NOT to the store owners themselves. 
If your on Flickr, they have a group for you to show off your awesomeness! HERE
There is also an in-world group you can join for help HERE

Why should you participate in this hunt:
The gifts are free and look amazing!
Stores specializing in everything from jewelry to clothing, furniture, poses, and more are participating in this hunt. So if you need/want more goodies for your inventory, DO THIS HUNT.
This is a small hunt, so you don't have to search for DAYS just to finish.

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