Thursday, June 6, 2013

The 2nd Makeup and Tattoo hunt! The information post :D

 The 2nd Makeup and Accessories hunt starts on the 1st of July and runs until the 31st of July. 
This hunt features things that are considered makeup or accessories and the last hunt had AMAZING gifts!
I'll be blogging about the gifts later, right's information time!

Some things you should know:
Stuff my Inventory hunts has brought you this hunt, aren't they great!
The theme for this hunt is 'Dark & Sinister'. 
You will be looking for a prim lipstick.
There will be a total of (still taking applications so it could a lot!)stores in the hunt.
You will be starting HERE at Adore & Abhor.
The hints will be HERE.
This is the website where you can find out more information : HERE
Evelyn Hartshon is the hunt organizer, all questions and concerns should go to her and NOT to the store owners themselves. 
If your on Flickr, they have a group for you to show off your awesomeness! HERE

Why should you participate in this hunt:
The gifts are free and look amazing!
This hunt is to bring together some of the best makeup and tattoo artists in Second Life. If you're an addict to customizing your avatar, this is the best hunt for you.
If you join the in-world group, you get a special gift from Sleeping Koala when the hunt starts!!
Think of all the possibilities you will have with all this awesome stuff!

Some fun reasons why makeup and tattoos are a staple in SL (and RL!):
* Make-up and tattoos can accentuate any outfit/ look and they allow you to express    yourself to the fullest in different and unusual ways. 
* You can learn a lot about someone by the tattoos they have or the makeup they wear.
* It's fun to play around with makeup and create many different looks. 
* Makeup is a form of art. Just as you can express yourself through the clothes you wear and your hairstyle, you can do the same with makeup. 
* It enhances our features, makes our eyes sparkle and makes our lips look snoggable.

I for one use makeup and tattoos everyday in SL and love the extra POP it can add to a look!

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