Saturday, June 29, 2013

The 2nd Makeup and Tattoo hunt Preview!

               The 2nd Makeup and Tattoos hunt

First post (information post!)

This hunt is just around the corner! It starts July 1st and runs until the 31st and features 21 stores to grab up free makeups and tattoos!
The theme this time around is  'Dark & Sinister'. 
So be prepared to get some awesome dark and sinister looks from these awesome designers. 
Starting this hunt is Adore & Abhor.
Here are some of the items you can grab up! 
Note that I don't have them all yet, but once the hunt officially starts, I will do another post.

#1. Adore and Abhor
Item: Makeup called "Lost Soul", Makeup Layer.
#2. Corvus
Item: Black eye shadow, blood, and words, makeup layer.

#3. Zombie Suicide
Item: Black shadow with cuts n bruises, makeup layer.

#4. [ a.e.meth ] 
Item: Eyes and face makeup called "Smile dog", makeup layer.

#5. .:CoLLisions:.
Item: Back tattoo called "Scribe", several layers.
#6. Pin Me Down (PMD)
Item: 3 Facial tattoos called Lost, makeup layer.
#7. Lovely Disarray
Item: 2 Facial mask called "Cursed Visions of Voodoo", makeup layer.
#8. AlaskaMetro
Item:  Mascara Tears and Airbrush Lace face mask, makeup layer.

#9. [White~Widow]
Item: Face tattoo called "Eagle". Several colors, makeup layer.

#11. SongBird
Item: (from NC) damned, marked for dead, this cross was cut into your head. Makeup layer.

#12. Madrid Solo
Item: Lips and eyes in Sinister Green, makeup layer.

#13. The Skinnery
Item: Butterfly face mask called "Twilight", makeup layer.

#14. Suicide Gurls
 Male: Upper body tattoo "Begs", several layers.

 Female: Upper body tattoo "Sinner", several layers.

#15. Kooqla
Item: Facial tattoo called "Lost Verse", several colors, makeup layer.

#16. Zentro
Item: Upper Body Tattoo called "family", makeup layer.

#17. SugarPill
Watercolor mess: Runny mascara, makeup layer.
Lip Slip: Black partial Lipstick, makeup layer.
Item: Birthmark Cha-Gayu face makeup, makeup layer.

#19. Happy Pencil
Item: 3rd eye on forehead, makeup layer.

#21 Tattoo Paradise
Item: Front and back tattoo called "Key of the dead". Spinning prim key attachment , several layers.

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