Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Arcade, and free stuff everywhere!

 So unless you live under a rock somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you know that the Arcade gacha event started today and is in full swing! 
I can never get in tot he Event, well I can't say that. I did once and got lagged and booted and never made it back in. 
That was when the Hamsters where the "in" thing.

So, I got some of the things I wanted this time around, a person could spend BILLIONS there...some probably do. I for one can't I have a set limit on how much I spend in SL and on avatar limit is bigger than the rest >.<

So Akira got a new skin from the Arcade.
It's called Harley and is a wonderful peach tone. It's made by Pink Fuel and comes in an array of colors for 100L$ a play. 
This one is #08.

I set out to try and grab up as many of the Tres Blah vanity items I could find. i managed to get several and the detailing is amazing. For 50L$ a play, you can get yummy makeups and brushes, mirrors, and more for your virtual house.

Your probably wondering about the "freebies everywhere" part of the title. 
Well, there are a ton of things going on at the moment. 
One of which is the Summer Fashion Festival. Lots of Designers from around the grid have come together with sexy summer season wears for you to snatch up and lots of gifts around! Most of the tents have ice cream cones in or around them and for 0L$- 1L$ you can get the items inside. Some of them even have demos for other products in them so you can try some new things out :D

Here are some of the things from this event:

Pic 1:
Items from SFF:
Sunglasses: Innuendo
Shoes: ArisAris
Belly ring: Chop Zuey
Bikini and skirt: CandyMetal

Pic 2:
Items from SFF:
Shoes: Likka House
Belly ring: Pomposity
Top: SLC Mesh Fashion
Skin: Gaall
Shorts: Crash republic
Gloss: [MC] pouty gloss, Amethyst 

Pic 3:
Items from SSF:
Dresses: Sakide
Bracelet: Pure Poison

Pic 4:
Items from SSF:

Hair: Vanity Hiar
Wrap skirt: Advanced Virtual Interactions
VIP collar: OpOpOp
Shirt: KL Couture 
Ring: [AD]

Not from SFF:
Skin: Pink Fuel - Harley - peach-08 (The Arcade)
Hair: Rebel Rebel in vanilla
Lipgloss: TSG
Eyeliner: Flirt - Rawr (Marketplace)
Nails: Slink Mesh nails 
slink applier:  Starry Heaven, Cotton candy
Feet: Kokia
Eyes: The Plastik

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