Friday, June 28, 2013

This post is Remarkable...Oblivion!

heh, I like making titles that are a play on names!

This post is about the most awesome, the most unique, the most...ZOMGIHAVETOHAVETHESEORIWILLDIE boots in SL!

The boots are from Remarkable Oblivion and are called "Hobnails". They feature rigged Mesh and are like nothing you will EVER see in your life..or Second Life. Featuring several different Mesh sizes, different alpha layers, and a look that is unique, these are a MUST for anyone wanting a unique touch!

These boots feature graphics better then anything I have ever seen. Realistic mouths and teeth, a tongue for the front part of the shoe. Moving up we have realistic leather materials, laces, zippers, and designs. The tongue of the boot features awesomely detailed socks and fringe. They come in 2 colors, Black leather, or Tan leather. I, naturally, have the black leather :D

You NEED to own a pair of these boots!!
And how do you get said boots?
Simple really!
They will be available at FaMESHed for your purchasing pleasure, and what a pleasure it will be!

All right, enough rambling, here are some pictures for you :D

Location: Taken at BLU Dancebar at Boystown
Skin: al vulo- Alyss* wonderland blonde brow fairy (W/Appliers) (past TDR fusion piece, 70$L)
Hair: [e] Listen - Blonde 07 (essentials pack, 84$L)
Eyes:  .tsg. Dark Skies - Dark Brown (group gift, 350$L join)
Nails: SlInk mesh nails (150L$)
Nail Applier: :{MV}: FrenchGoth Vitae Red (Thrift Shop event exclusive, 30$L gacha prize)

Breasts: Lolas Tangos Mesh Breasts (1750$L)
Make up:
1. [:ME:] Lavenia EyeShadow (Survive) (past group gift, N/A)

2. Pink Acid Barbie B Lips - Powder Pink (endless summer hunt gift, 0$L)
3. cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat (Makeup fair exclusive, 75L$)
Tattoo: B*FLY - Summer Breeze Tattoo - New Ink (endless summer hunt gift, 0$L)
Top: [U.I] Hoochie Crop - Censored (past hunt gift, N/A)
Shorts: EXCLUSIVY - Shorts Jeans (past event exclusive, N/A)
Stockings: .::PS::. Rip it up stockings (group Gift)
Boots: RO - Hobnails - leather (faMESHed exclusive!)
Cap: RO - Oblivion Snapback (Past Group Gift, N/A)
Gamer necklace: Cute Poison - Gamer Necklace (black) (endless summer hunt gift, 0$L)
Ring Left: Cute Poison - Star Ring Black (Gacha prize, 25$L)
Ring Right: ...::: Scrub :::... Stupid Rigging Ring Mesh (past hunt prize, N/A)
Face piercings: :HV: Subtle Dare [Ink] Thick (endless summer hunt gift, 0$L)
Earrings: - .HoD. - Neon Punk Gauge Add - On - Razor (Group Gift, 50$L)
Belly Piercings: ...:::Scrub:::... Death in my belly Piercing Mesh (125$L)
Shoe poses #2
Pinup #7
Nani poses- Endless summer #2 (endless summer hunt gift, 0$L)


  1. Beautiful post Akira!!

    -Sebastian Prince of Thorns