Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Atooly Hunts, Fist pump With the Best Hunt 3! Preview post.

The hunt has officially started!!

First post here! (information post)

The theme for this hunt is 'Something You Love The Most
What this means is the store owners pick an item they adore to pieces and use it as their hunt gift. 
So be prepared to get the awesome designs that are the creators FAVORITE items!!
You will be starting HERE at Atooly!!

Here are some of the prizes you will be able to snap up! I don't have them all yet, but will be adding more as I get them.

Pic 1:
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Ankle Wrap Sneakers - Purple (comes w/ wearable Mesh socks)
Top: [AUX] Boho Backless  (Mesh, several sizes. Comes in blue and Copper)
Pants: ::Ego - Leggins  Mesh Black Lace  (Mesh, several sizes)

Pic 2:
Dress: Busty Boutique FPH3 gift (comes with applier.)
Jewelry: ::LEONARD:: Pearl Flower set
Tights: Bugz Half Sheer Tights Cherry (black and white, sock layer.)

Pic 3;
Top: ChiMia :: Angela top (Mesh, several sizes.)
Rings: [tea.s] Kitty Ring Set (All are worn on middle finger, just moved for picture.)

Pic 4: 
Full Outfit: Toxic High Abbey outfit (Shoes would not load right for me.)
Pic 5:
Swimsuit: ~Sassy!~ Polkadot Bikini  (Mesh, several sizes.)

Pic 6:
Necklace: .Olive. the Heart is a Fit Pump Necklace - Blue (Comes in 7 colors)

House: There's No Place Like Home Summer house (rez scripted)

Beaded curtain and box of Ivy: Ruth's Creations (both copy, modify, no trans.)


Starry Heaven:

Elephante Poses:


Vanity Poses:

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