Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beach party and sale at Pins & Needles!

So a good friend of mine, Skyler Glasswing, is having a "Save my sim" beach party and sale tomorrow.
Several of her items will be drastically reduced and everything is amazing!
I'm not just saying that, I was a customer before hand!
All the proceeds are to help pay for the sim that the store is on and if you've never been there, Here's a link!

They sell everything from clothing to weapons, to accessories to awesome looking cars! 
You should DEF check them out! 

Here are some of the items you can snap up for really cheap!

The first item up is the "Missie Dress".
 This dress is Mesh comes in 5 standard sizes, has a flex Mesh, and an alpha layer. 
I'm showing  it here in African Violet. 
There are several colors to choose from, all colors are 50L$ a color.
Next is the "Naked Cupcake" shirt. 
This shirt comes on clothing layers and in the store, she has the appliers, for Lush and Tango breasts...for free! I'm showing it with the appliers.
Isn't this shirt too cute! 
And for only 10L$, it's an obvious steal!
And last but not least is the "Flutterbye bikini A". 
This bikini is Mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes. 
There is another bikini placed out that is the "Flutterbye bikini B".
 It's this bikini, but the colors are switched!
You will look super sexy in this, for only 25L$!

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