Sunday, July 7, 2013

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

I'm here to show you some free gifts from the Dark Katz hunt 4!
These prizes are centered around nekos, but can be worn by anyone :D

You will find eyes, clothing, neko parts, hair, and much more doing this hunt. There are a total of 58 stores participating. A short hunt you can finish in a day or so, there is also a blog to find out more information HERE.

The hints are HERE.

Now on to the free yummies!

Pic #1

Full outfit (clothing, shoes, jewelry) LoveCats - Scratch that itch female (also comes with a male version)
Pic #2

Full outfit (skirt, jacket) мoтιvactιon  Please B*tch mini skirt and Let's Ride! Short jacket (Both Mesh, several sizes, shoes NOT included.)
Pic #3

full outfit (clothing, scarf) Vero Modero - marine set (clothing layers, resize script jacket and shirt bottom)
Glasses: K_gs Fledermaus/DKH4
Pic #4

Shorts: Sn@tch - Feline shorts (Mesh, lots of sizes, 8 colors)
Piercing: I-Poke Winter
Eyes: Impish - Nekoeyes (Size and brightness change via HUD)
Pic #5
Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Summer Eyes (2 colors, blue and pink. Can be worn separately or together.)
Makeup: Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup - Bubble Gum Pink (several colors and options, all makeup layers)
Glasses: Razor /// Carbon Fiber Glasses

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