Monday, July 22, 2013

More new releases by another great creator!

*does happy dance* 
Another person wants me to blog for them!! :DDD

This time it's Lutricia Roux, owner and creator of Lutricias Luxuries!

Lutricias Luxuries is a shop that features full avatars, clothing, skins, hair, and lots more. 

You can also find her Marketplace here.

I'll be showing you some of her newest releases!

First up is the Tuva strapless dress.
This dress is Mesh, comes in 5 standard sizes, and in an array of colors to choose from! 
Each color is 249L$, and you get the dress in 5 sizes, a modifiable alpha layer, and full perm alpha textures!
Shown here in #4, which is a pink color.
Next is the DBF skin Eili. 
DBF stands for Deluxe Body Factory, and features skins, shapes, hair, eyes, and full avatars. 
Eili is custom made for Lolas Tango Fever Hunt and will,  after the hunt is over,  be available in 5 skin tones plus the optional Lola Tango Appliers.
This skin is available for free during the hunt, which ends July 31st, so hurry down and grab it up!
Shown without tangos.
Next is the  Frida summer spaghetti ribbon dress 3-pack.
You get 3, yes 3 dresses in this pack in pink/purple tones. 
Each dress has a different texture to it!
This pack will cost you 299L$ and you get 3 different Mesh dresses in 5 standard sizes,  a modifiable  alpha layer, and full perm alpha textures!
Last but not least is the Alva ruffled Cami summer dress set.
This Mesh dress comes in a pack and features 5 colors to choose from.
There are currently 2 sets to choose from.
This set will cost you 399L$ and you get a Mesh dress in 5 standard sizes,  a modifiable alpha layer, 5 different colors to choose from, and full perm alpha textures!

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