Friday, August 9, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole, awesomeness abound!

 Today I bring you some sale items from an awesome event!
First of all, let's talk about Katnipz Events.

This is an awesome event group that holds hunts, events, sales rooms, and more!

I'm showing you some of the sales event items from the The Rabbit Hole event going on right now.
Down the Rabbit Hole is a sales room event with everything 50$L or less.
This event runs for 2 weeks of the month.

One of the other things they do, is hunts. 
They are the ones who brought us the Black and White cat hunt, the Sexy Nerd Hunt, The Happily Ever After?!?! Hunt, and, with the success of these hunts, have planned to do more! \o/
There is currently a hunt going to start on the 15th of August called "The Candy Girl Hunt."
This hunt is centered around the theme of "I'm so cute, I could eat myself!"
How cute does that sound? \o/

This is just one of the outfits you can pick up during the hunt!
It is brought to you by Rock Royalty and features a Mesh top in 5 sizes, Mesh pants in 5 sizes, shoes, color change HUD for skin, heels, nails and more, alpha layers for all.

Rabbit Hole event items:

These first Dresses come from PO and are each sold separately, and are based on the Alice in Wonderland theme.
Blue: Alice
Red: Queen of Hearts
White: White Queen
White with watches: White Rabbit
Each one is Mesh and comes in 5 sizes, with an alpha layer.

This cute set is from Blah, Blah, Blah and is sold separately.
The Bethany top is sold in a pack with 2 styles (plain and flowered), with 5 sizes each.
The shorts come in 5 sizes, with an alpha layer.
The Bethany dress is also a pack with 2 styles (plain and flowered) with 5 sizes each style, and an alpha layer.

Skank Army put out this awesome Mesh eye- patch.

These tops are from DaZeD DeZineZ and are sold in a pack of either Colors, Toons, or Print.
They are Mesh and come in 9 colors each pack, 5 sizes for each color!
Shown in 
Black from Colors Pack
Cheetah in Prints pack
Splash from toons pack.

ModaMia gave us this this sexy overall jumper with tangos appliers for a regular top, and a nip slip top.
This outfit is base layer clothing, with appliers for tangos.
The Long Sleeve Zipper Shorts Jumper  Red outfit is a base layer clothing, with tangos applier.
This outfit is available in 4 colors.
This ruffled up black and white dress is a Mesh dress in 6 sizes, comes with Mesh shoes with stockings, Tangos applier, and an alpha layer for each.

This outfit is from Souled Out and is a shirt layer shirt, with applier for tangos, and comes with Mesh shorts in 5 sizes with an alpha layer.
Shoes not included.

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