Monday, August 12, 2013

Featured hunt: The Candy Girl Hunt


In the next few days, I will be featuring gifts from several hunts that will be taking place very soon, or have started in the last few days. 
The first of these hunts is The Candy Girl Hunt.
This hunt revolves around anything sweet and sugary, think of  "omg, I'm so cute, I could eat myself" and includes everything from clothing to furniture, poses to accessories.
You can see my information post here *Click me!*

Here is some more info before we get started.

Candy Girl Hunt runs from August 15 - September 15.
The theme: Cute Sugary yumminess.
This is not a free hunt, but instead it will cost you 5$L per prize.
You will be starting *HERE*

Other then that, there will be no links to the stores, or hints. 
You can find everything you need at the home page of the hunt. 

This post will slam as many prizes in it as possible, without being overly junked up.

** = Not from hunt.

Skin - Lili Skins
Rings and headband - Kawaii Sugar
Outfit, not including shoes - Charm  (boobie friendly)
**Shoes - The Secret Store, Past Arcade event, available in store 75$L gacha**
**Hair - Alice project, taste The rainbow hunt, free**
dress, including shoes - Pink Sugah (boobie friendly)
Outfit, not including shoes - Sugar and Cyanide (boobie friendly)
Also comes with mouth lolli, hand lolii, and a tongue.
**Shoes - Inclination Group Gift, N/A**
Outfit, not including shoes - ModaMia (boobie friendly)
Also come with Cotton candy hand prop, pink eyes, earrings.

Outfit, not including shoes - Que Bella (boobie friendly)
Also comes with mouth lolli, cat ears, cat tail.
Outfit, including shoes - Souled Out (boobie friendly)
Also comes with Sunglasses.
Dress - Le Chic
Also comes with hat.
Outfit, not including shoes - Damned Dolls
Outfit, not including shoes - Dejaa
Dress - Dandelion Wine
Also comes with texture change HUD, 8 to choose from.
Dress -  Yulicie 
Outfit, not including shoes - Color Insane
Dress - Les Sucreries de Fairy
Also comes with holdible lollipop.
Dress - CandyRed
Dress & pasties - Pure Perfection
Also comes with flower headband and hand lolli.
Romper 1 - piece - Kaithleen's 
outfit, not including shoes - Mmm, Kay
Also comes with mouth lolli
Dress - Nerdy Cool
Outfit, including socks - PO
Outfit, not including shoes - Toxic High
Outfit - Evilkyoot
Also comes with jewelry
Outfit, including shoes - MS
Shoes - WCI

Necklaces - bees Heaven Shop
Fedora and earrings - Mesh Glam
Nails - Quintessencia
comes in sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 22, and 30.
Lollipop - EBMod
Comes with 3 versions: Hand held, moth, and in between legs.

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