Saturday, August 10, 2013

mmmmm, group gifts!

I have for today some epic sexy group gifts!

The first group we will be looking at is Pure Poison.
Pure Poison makes Meshy things, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.
And everything is so very well done!
So, for 30$L you can join the group and have access to some very unique and amazingly made jewels for your shiny collection!!

Lets take a peek shall we?

The newest of the group gifts is the 1000 Jewelry set.
This set is the group gift for hitting 1,000 members!
This set features a Mesh necklace with matching Mesh earrings.
The Mila necklace boasts intertwined snake like chains in silver and gold.
Teo Diamonds Necklace is a stunning Modern piece with black bars and silver accents.

The Triandre Jewelry Set comes in a set of Gold and a set of Silver in this gorgeous set.
This set includes a Mesh necklace with matching Mesh earrings on a black cord.
The Ribbon Necklace is a cute and fun necklace featuring a gold bow tie with silver and black accents. 

The Yola Necklace is an amazing piece featuring a big black stone circle with black accents on a gold chain.
The Leah necklace comes in both Silver and Gold in this stunning fringe-esque piece.
The Lexi jewelry set boasts purple and silver squares on a silver chain. 
This set includes a Mesh necklace with matching Mesh earrings.
The Lore necklace features black and white triangles on a gold chain.
The Hannah jewelry set has an Aztec feel to it with it's gold and white colors and spikes.
This set features a Mesh necklace and a pair of matching Mesh earrings.
The last gift we are seeing is the Ruby Cross Rings.
These rings are a combined Mesh piece coming in a gold color with a cross on the middle ring. 
This set comes in sizes 10, 20, and 30.
The skirt I am wearing is the newest group gift from L!ke.
L!ke used to be known as Sugahtitz, but was recently re-branded.
The  sexy little leopard print skirt is a Mesh mini skirt, coming in 5 Meshy sizes with an alpha layer.
The group is free to join.
And finally, the skin I am wearing is the newest group gift from Lili Skins.
This is a rather new brand of skins, only being around for 3 months or so, but the quality of the skins is amazing.
The Group is free to join and there is a gift every month. 
This one is called Peridot and comes in a pack of skins with 7 tones and 6 options each...THATS A LOT OF SKINS FOR FREE!

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