Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Take me to Boobieland. Pt. 1

Today I bring you some awesome hunt gifts!

First off, there is a new hunt starting in just a few days called Alice in Boobieland
Alice in Boobieland is exactly what is sounds like...Alice in Wonderland themed items, with an SL boob twist.
I will be covering some of the hunt, showing you some of the awesome gifts you can snatch up.

Things you should know before hunting - 
The Alice in Boobieland will begin August the 30th and run until September the 30th.
The theme is anything using Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration.
It is being put on by KaTnipZ events, aren't they great!
This is not a fre hunt, each gift is 5$L.
There are a total of 50 stores participating.
The event organizer is kralicecik.dufaux and all questions/concerns should go to them and not the designers themselves!
Find out more here.
The first item I am showing from this hunt is the Alice skin from DBF.
Alice, includes 3 cleavage option skins, and applier for tangos for each skin.

The next item from the hunt is from D&G 
The gift is this whole outfit!
It includes a Meshy corset in 7 sizes, boots, top hat, mouth piece, collar, gloves, bows, makeup, an applier for tangos, and more.
Shown here with the makeup included in the gift.

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