Friday, August 30, 2013

Take me to Boobieland pt.4

Today I bring you even MORE gifts from the Alice in Boobieland hunt !

As we continue our journey into madness, we come across more awesome things.

The first being this super sexy Alice inspired outfit from Pink Sugah.
This out fit includes a meshy mini skirt in several sizes, and nipple tags.
F.K.  gives us this sexy Alice inspired corset and pantie set.
It features pantie layer panties, and a Meshy corset in several sizes,and Tango/Lush applier.
OhLaLa gives us this fun and flirty Alice inspired outfit.
It includes a Meshy skirt in several sizes, hair bow, base layer clothing, and applier for Tangos.
TRS gave us this modern Alice inspired outfit.
It features base layer clothing, Meshy skirt in several sizes, and an applier for tangos.
This Cheshire Cat inspired outfit comes from Tits Up.
This outfit includes base layer clothing, meshy skirt inlayer in several sizes, appliers for breasts, and several Cheshire cat accessories.
Boots not included.
Knockers gives us this modern chic Alice inspired dress.
It includes a Meshy dress in several sizes, hat, collar, purse, and tango applier. 
Hard Candy gives us this Queen of Hearts inspired sexy outfit.
it includes base layer clothing, Tangos applier, and Meshy panties in several sizes.
The tattoo comes from Czarny Kanarek.
It comes on base layers and on makeup layer.

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