Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn Effect hunt 2.0

Today's post features some awesome hunt gifts from the Autumn Effects hunt 2.0!

First, let's talk about the hunt a little bit, shall we.

The Autumn Effect hunt is the 2nd annual Autumn hunt put on by Depraved Nation.
There are a total of 50 well know brands participating.
The hunt is free and the object you are looking for is a small round prim with the hunt poster on it.
There is a webpage for hints and SLurls to each store.
There is also an in-world update group that is super helpful if you get stuck on a place.
*Hints and SLurls*
*Update Group*

Now on to some goodies!

The outfit is the hunt gift from Sakide.
This soft, warm, and cozy Harvest outfit is perfect for the changing weather!
It includes a top in several Meshy sizes, pants in several Meshy sizes, alpha layer, and appliers for tangos.
There are four colors in this gift!!!

The next hunt gift is from Cute Poison.
The Fallen piercing set comes with 3 individual Meshy piercing sets.
There is the facial piercings, chest piercings, and a stomach piercing(not shown).
Each set is a joined pieced of Meshy-ness and the gift includes a color change HUD for the metals and gems.

The nails I am wearing are an applier set by Virtual//Insanity.
The applier is for SLink hands or fingernails only and features an applier for both the hand/fingernails and the feet.
Adriel has 12 color option to choose from, shown here in #6

The last thing from the hunt in this post is the skin from Panda Punx.
Riley is a soft skin, with a natural look, I'm wearing lip color by Pink Acid.
This gift includes 2 skins, one with cleavage, the other without, and an applier for Tangos.

Taken at: My house \o/ (Sorry, no LM to this one XD)
Poses -
Bed: [*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-vintage midnight) (Arcade Exclusive, 50$L gacha prize, see all here)
Standing: *~*HopScotch*~* Reach out (past gift, N/A)

Other things worn-

Hair: Tameless Pippa - Fantasy (Not Free)
Eyes: ~*ByS*~ Fresh Eye, Mushroom

Slippers: (-Atypical-) Kawaii Bunny Slipper (Cupcakes Anonymous hunt, 5$L)
Sleeping Mask: NS::  Kawaii Sleep Mask (HUD) (dollarbie in store)
Puppy: Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Percy the Shih Tzu (Arcade exclusive, 50$L gacha prize, see all here)
Lip Color: Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss - Pinky (ABPO3 Exclusive Hunt gift, free, look for cupcake, comes in a pack with others)

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