Monday, September 30, 2013

The sexy monster collection - Wicked Sexy Witch

Today's post features some sexy monsters in even sexier clothing!
Going to be doing this post a bit differently, I'll be doing just the pictures with the items listed underneath, unless they are a new release or something.

The sexy witch:

Location: The Abbey, up high.
Items worn:
Hair: Tameless Opal - Naturals (Lolas) (not free)
Skin w/applier: [DBF] Opal (porcelain) Cleavage #1 (not fee)
New release for the Structure Your Skin project (SYSP).
Opal is 99$L and comes with 3 cleavage option skins, and a modifiable shape.
Appliers for breasts, and slink are sold seperately.
Eyes w/lighting bolts makeup: ~*ByS*~ Thunderbird Eyes (not free, 25$L in store)
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (not free)
Nail applier: [DBF] SLINK fingernails Halloween manicure RARE (Available at the Fantasy gacha Carnival for 25$L a play.)
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (not free)

1.: cStar Limited - Cat Liner - 009 - Hardcore Cat (75$L gacha prize)
2.: [:ME:] Demi Lips (Gothic w/ Teeth) (Past group gift, N/A)

Hat: RO - Magician Hat - Evoker (New!)
This is one of the many hats you can win from the new Oh My Gacha event.
There are 8 commons and 3 rares available to win. 
Each play is 100$L.
Note that this does not open until the 1st of October!
And don't go there early...they will kick your ass!
Shoes: Bliensen + MaiTai - Diavola - Black (not free)
Nipple pasties: Mad' - Halloween Pasties [Lolas Applier] (Not Free, comes with several options of pasties)
Stockings: *Sheer* Knee-Highs 01: Over (free in store)
hoo-ha tape: -=MY=- pussy tape (black) (not free)

Necklaces: The plastik :[P]:- Corda set.
These necklaces are from this past Lazy Sunday.
The pack came with several Meshy necklaces in lots of sizes. 
Shown here are: Hex-Moon Opal, Cracked Gem-Moon Opal, and Water-Moon Opal.
Piercings: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercings (All these piercings are free during teh Autumn effect Hunt!)
Broom: ::{Favole}:: Wicked Wishes (n/a, store closed)
Bats: *Epic* -PMA- Bat Buddy! (past freebie, N/A)

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