Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A witching we will go.

Today's post features a coven of witches!
 Witches aren't known for their love of water, so when it started raining on the planned day off...they went straight for the 1$L gift from Cubic Cherry Kreations for the Not The Usual Pumpkin Hunt.
This is a Meshy umbrella with a built in pose!
The outfit they had chosen to wear was the Pure Sales Room exclusive from Souled Out.
In matching outfits of different colors, these ladies looked amazing.
These outfits included a Meshy skirt in several colors, base layer shirts, applier for Tangos, shoes, and alpha layers.
Each color is available for 75$L.

Being drenched can wreak havoc on ones hair, good thing they had all gone too Tameless and got the Blood soaked versions of Ariel.
Blood Soaked Ariel is a Meshy hair style, including a color change HUD for blonde, platinum, white, and silver.
On sale now for 199$L.

SilentSparrow released these a*SUPER* cute bats at Horrorfest.
Each bat is 99$L, available in several colors, and are Meshy goodness and include lots of ways to use them.
From wearing them to rezzing them, you'll ever run out of things to use them for!
This is Stella and all her proceeds go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project in which the Horrorfest is sponsoring this year.
Read more about it here.

The skins are the new release from Liliskins.
Caroline is available in 6 makeup colors;
Blueberry, Bubblegum, Lollipop, Skittles, Sour Apple, and Sweettart.
Each makeup set is a multi-colored and fade color, blending into equally gorgeous colors.
She is available in 7 tones, 2 cleavage options, 3 brow options, modifiable shape, and eyebrow shapers.
Each skin set is 950$L.
Appliers sold separately.
Stopping by Horrorfest, the wicked ladies picked up the coven necklace from Amala.
This necklace is 150$L and comes with a color change HUD with several colors to choose from.
Also at Horrorfest, Cute Poison put out these awesome necklaces in the form of a gacha for 50$L a try.
Lots of different ones to choose and 2 gachas, one black , and one red.
There are several rares to be obtained in both gachas.
AND a Graveyard ring from Cute Poison accents any dark deviants' look.
This ring is 150$L and comes in a light and a dark version.

Location: Cupcake sim
Pose: Eternal Dream - Vain 02 (Not free, Pure Sales room)

Other things worn: 
Belly jewelry: Baubles! by Phe OwlBellyJewel (gacha prize for Rabbit Hole Sales room)
Earrings: RO - Lys - Wrought Iron (Not Free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - pearl - clear pond - large bright (Past Freebie, N/A, new one in store)
Witch 1: liliskins - Caroline - Skittles - Beige (LB) (NC)
Witch 2: liliskins - Caroline - Bubblegum - Carob (LB) (NC)
Witch 3: liliskins - Caroline - Sour Apple - Alabaster (LB) (NC)
Witch 1: Tameless Ariel - Bloodsoaked Platinum
Witch 2: Tameless Ariel - Bloodsoaked White
Witch 3: Tameless Ariel - Bloodsoaked Silver
Witch 1: Cute Poison - Horror Necklace RED (Batty)
Witch 2: Cute Poison - Horror Necklace BLACK (Raven)
Witch 3: Cute Poison - Horror Necklace BLACK (Skull)

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