Monday, October 28, 2013

Even the evil ones like nice days

Today's post features the day outing of a serial killer.

So today was a nice day outside. Not too hot, not too cold, just the right kind of weather.
Cold enough for a light sweater, but nothing more.

I happened across a really pretty forest a friend made, and felt like taking a picture in it.
So, I put a look together using the new group gift from Mirror's Enigma.
Luisa is a slacks and jacket outfit.
Includes a Meshy top in several sizes, pant in several sizes, and alpha layers.
The group is a buy in group.
Basically you buy anything from the store, and you get an invite afterwards.
Once in the group, check past notices.
Notices only stay for 14 days.

The Pseudo Cogitatione Crown head piece is the hunt gift from Contraption for the Horrorfest hunt.
This Meshy piece of goodness features arrows in the shape of a crown, and several makeup layer bloods in different tones.
The skin is the newest group gifts from Akeruka.
 Eretica is a vampire-esque skin with blood around the mouth (not seen).
The gift is 1$L int eh store after joining the free in-world group.

The hair is yesterday's Halloween gift from Alice Project.
For the next week before Halloween, Alice Project is giving away one free, blood splattered hair to everyone.
After that day, the hair is available for 50$L for a limited time.
Shown: Delilah - Bloody White

Location: Secret Foresty forest!
Pose: Toxic Pose #6 (Free on Marketplace, included in pack)

Other items worn:
Grin: [Gauze] Nightmare (Free in PULSE game)
Eyes: PMD - Erina - red (Free in PULSE game)
Hands: RO - Scissorhands (Not Free)
Shoes: [Dark Wing] Milani (Not Free)
Noose: RO - Salem - Bloody (Limited edition, available in group trivia!)
Mouth Blood: -SU!- Warrior Vampire Bloody Mouth/ Chest/ Teeth (Past freebies, N/A)
Purple veins: [Gauze] Idra - Tattoo - Potion (Free in PULSE game)

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