Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Infernal Reckoning

Today's post is about a demoness!

First off lets talk about the outfit!
Dystorted released this new outfit called Prowl.
Prowl is a sexy leopard print outfit available in 5 ferocious colors!
Each color comes with a base layer top, base layer stockings, a Meshy skirt in several sizes, an applier for Tangos, and bangles.
Each outfit costs 249$L, and there is also a fat pack for 899$L.

Next these horns.
Remarkable Oblivion has done it again!
The Baphomet Horns are the newest release from them, and are they amazing!
These meshy pieces of goodness are available at the Body Modification Expo that starts on the 10th of October.
These horns are available in Inferno (shown) or Celestial.
Buying them at the event, makes them 50% off the original price!
Each pair is normally 350$L, at the event, they are 125$L!

Next, we'll talk about these boots!
Darkware is a new to me store that popped up on my Flickr.
Nodding into the darker side of designs, this shop is going to be an amazing place to buy things!
These are one of the products you can buy, called Zombie Boots.
Zombie Boots are available in available in 3 colors: Black/white, Green/black, and pink/black.
Each color set comes with 3 ways of wear: all black, all (2nd color) or two tone.
these Mehsy pieces of awesomeness come with several sizes to wear, and with an alpha layer.
These are available for 150$L.

Cute Poison has put out some awesome Halloween themed melting earrings for this round Mes Brics a Bracs.
The Melting Earrings are available in black/red or white/red.
Each color is a Meshy piece of goodness, and is available for 125$L a pair.

Location: The Town of Calico
Pose: *Ellette* Grabbing my Boobs Pose 1 (1$L in store)

Other Items used:
Hair: *NEW* Tameless Donna - Bloodsoaked (Not Free)
Skin: A // Ivy ~ Tone 3 // Passion [Mid Cleavage] (Oh My Gacha Commom prize, 100$L play, applier sold separately)
Eyes: .{Rue}. Eyes/Pluto: Blood m (N/A, past event item)
Tattoo: Tenjin Passion Tattoo - Fresh (Not Free)
Mask: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Mask :: GOTHIKA :: Black (N/A, past event item)
Necklace: !TLB - Cabochon Necklace/Red (N/A, Past event Item)
Rings: *NEW* Cute Poison - Spiked Ring Black and Spiked Ring Red (Not Free)

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